Jun 25 2019

Update #1: Village of Garden City Uncovers the Motor Parkway Near Raymond Court

Al Velocci reports that the Village of Garden City has begun work around the Long Island Motor Parkway right-of-way west of Raymond Court. They uncovered original concrete and the three-foot concrete extensions.


Howard Kroplick


The Village of Garden City is creating additional parking spaces south of the right-of-way. It plans to preserve this section of the Motor Parkway.

Then: March 24, 2019 View looking west

Today: June 25, 2019

Original concrete pavement

The uncovered 3-foot concrete extensions.

Update 6/26/2019

View looking east. Courtesy of Bill Bellmer


Jun 29 2019 Brian D McCarthy 3:31 PM

Thinking the future parking area will be accessed from Roosevelt Field? Don’t think the residents on Raymond Ct desire their block to become a thru way?

Jun 30 2019 Kenneth Harris 9:18 AM

Thanks Garden City

Jun 30 2019 sheri mignano 11:11 AM

At a time when it’s easier to just obliterate history, I’m glad to see that it seems there is some respect for the origins of this historic motor parkway. Thanks to Al for reporting and Howard for taking pix.

Jun 30 2019 S. Berliner, III 4:21 PM

Yee-hah!  Wunderbar!  Thanks, G.C.; this makes me *SO* happy.  I just “happen” to have a 1999 B&W pic of the LIMP RoW at Raymond Court on my Nassau County 2005 parks proposal page, <http://sbiii.com/limpncpk.html>.  It’s Photo T5 and I’m appending it here.  Sam, III

Jul 07 2019 Tom 8:00 PM

Keep the progress coming!

Jul 07 2019 frank femenias 9:54 PM

WOW! High five to Garden City for exposing this section of Motor Parkway. This no doubt took a precise and delicate approach to accomplish. History in the making as we observe history as it was. Nice job GC!

Jul 08 2019 KJHarris 8:49 AM

Nice research

Jul 09 2019 Dave Russo 8:01 PM

I’m a tad skeptical.

Garden City only did this to make more parking spaces. The LIMP had nothing to do with anything except for the fact that it was in way of creating parking. That section of the LIMP has been there nice and safe for over 100 years. They cleaned up a small section. I wonder what “they plan to preserve this section” means. We shall see. Doing nothing did a wonderful job of preservation!

Jul 10 2019 S. Berliner, III 11:19 PM

Oh, thee of little faith, Sir David!  Woulds’t thou be wrong.  Some specificity, prithee - are we talking about ye olde LILCO-cum-NEWSDAY lot at D-9?  Sam, ye Thirde

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