Mar 16 2019

Feedback from Last Week’s Tucker 1044 Videos (Update: 3/17/2019)

Tucker 1044 was featured in five videos last week that have generated over 440,000 views. Check out the feedback on Tucker 1044.

Above photo courtesy of Bill Rothermel.


Howard Kroplick

Automotive writer Tyler Hoover interviewed Sean and Mike Tucker for his YouTube channel Hoovie's Garage.

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Those old Tucker’s are so good looking. Those exhaust pipes are 

Tucker has a Flat 6? Sounds like a vintage 911 with an exhaust!

Come to Ypsilanti Mi and see the Tucker Motor company car museum, It's defnitely a sight to see. You can even "Doug score" my old 94 ranger haha

Jay Leno, Tucker's grandsons, a McLaren, Hoovie, much OMG!

The Tucker is a cool car the third light is cool

I've seen a white tucker with beige interior it's so nice

Those Tuckers were a stunning design.

holy crap a Tucker on Hoovie's channel, amazing and beautiful car SUPER LUCKY!!

Did he win the Tucker? Those cars only belong in this country. Although I'm sure some have left but the Tucker Torpedo or Tucker 48 is an awesome car. How someone could mistake that for a Studebaker they don't know their cars. If I have my history right the Coffin nose cars had a similar transmission it's kind of a semiautomatic transmission.

The Tucker is my dream car! I've only seen one in person, gorgeous car and truly innovative!

Tucker? Who knew it was such an interesting machine? Flat six, electronic transmission, cornering lamp, green paint 

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Tucker. The styling is simply amazing and timeless. Awesome 

Wow Tyler! I LOVE Tuckers, what an experience!

A Tucker! You can buy one, sell all of your cars... and auction your house. .you got this hoovy

There was used Tuckers in the 1983 Hemings Motor news for $30.000 ish.... I knew then they would be valuable

Oh my Gosh, Citroen stole their moving headlights design from Tucker

And footage from within a driving Tucker??!! Best video I have seen all week sir! Thanks, Tyker.

I love tuckers.. one of my favorite car movies and it sounds amazing!

The Tucker smokes just like a Porsche...

One of my clients has a spectacular Tucker that he bought in Monaco and had shipped to the US. It was just awesome to sit in it and hear it start up. Amazing vehicle.

Loved the sound of that Tucker engine. Very cool car.

Mike Tucker is a BMW 2002 guy... He has good taste!

Man, the Tucker really was just an all around amazing car.

My father in law used to own Tucker’s personal tucker. Sold it for 35k. Many years ago. Now in Peterson museum.

I remember seeing the Jeff Bridges tucker movie when I was younger. Great story.

Tucker is a masterpiece. There is a dark blue one here in Melbourne, Australia, it does the rounds at special car shows and it's just a sight to behold.

Ah the Tucker. One of my favorite vehicles! Very Very Beautiful.

The highlight on that video for me was the Tucker. Great video

Wow that Tucker is incredible

Too bad Tucker never made it. Left us stuck with crap from the big 3. That motor literally was a tank.

The AACA Museum in Hershey Pennsylvania has the most Tuckers on display. It's a car museum all car guys should visit.

Tyler, this is one of my favorite video of yours! Love the content and you can see your honest love of the Tucker smile Thanks for sharing!!!

That car is freakin amazing

and ya met two sons of a MotherTucker, that's a cool weekend

Man I wouldn't want to get in a fist fight with the Tucker Brothers lol! Some big dude's !

I live 2 miles from where the Tucker Plant was. The buildings are still there.

An all original Tucker will be going to auction in April.

That 48 Tucker is pretty cool, but i can't help but get Tatra vibes about it.

The Tucker is always the best yarn

I'm sure Doug DeMuro would love to see all the quirks and features of the Tucker

I have been in love with this car for over 30 years, most likely because of the movie.

Well, you blew it, but at least got to see a Tucker in person.

The tucker is the only car I would sell everything to own. Sadly I would still need another million or so.

I'm so jealous Tyler, a Tucker man you're so lucky

AACA Museum in Hershey Pa is where u can find the history of tucker and like 3 real Tucker torpedoes

This Tucker is amazing! Really really nice!

The Tucker,what a marvelous car.

Please don't call it a Tucker "Torpedo". The production car was never called that. It's official moniker is "Tucker '48". Also, the Big Three weren't so much afraid of Tucker. They actually helped him. The steering wheels were a gift from Henry Ford II on the stipulation that Mr. Tucker only use them for pre-production and that Mr. Tucker either find or make his own for full-scale production. The tail lights are from a mid'40's Dodge. The interior door pushbuttons and the window hardware came from Willys. The gauges came from Ford. The radio is a Motorola. Preston Tucker had many friends within the automotive community who helped him out. Where Mr. Tucker stepped on toes was within the political circles and he may or may not have rubbed some high-ranking politicians the wrong way.

I think I’m most jealous of the Tucker.

What an amazing automobile, so advanced for its time. Just think of where cars would be today if he was able to get this company going......

i don’t know but the tucker car kinda reminds me of old czech tatras, like the T87 or T97 are a bit similar in my opinion (they were also sold years before the tucker) or the newer 603

It's a Tucker '48. Not a Tucker Torpedo.

That tiny shifter is so cutee :D

Damn that Tucker is awesome.

Tucker is amazing.

The tucker ... what a beauty !!!!.

Those Tucker guys are really awesome! Hilarious!

You had me at Tucker!

That Tucker is gorgeous 

That Tucker is beautiful

Those tuckers are awesome cars

That tucker looks like a car from Mafia 2

Tyler. I go to a college in Pennsylvania that has a tucker t-2 that’s original. You should get in contact with them to review some cars. We restore tons of antique cars and vintage cars. The name of the school is Pennsylvania College Of Technology. Check it out

The tucker has a serious 1930´s to 50´s tatra vibes.


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