Jan 14 2015

Video: “The Ellison Avenue LIRR Bridge of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race Course”

The Velocity Channel's 2013 AmeriCARna "Vanderbilt Cup" episode focused on the six Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island and the Vanderbilt Cup trophy. This three-minute segment highlighted the Elllison Avenue LIRR Bridge on the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race course and the creation of the Long Island Motor Parkway.



Howard Kroplick

Location of the Ellison Avenue LIRR Bridge in Westbury.

1908 Race Cars on the Ellison Avenue LIRR Railroad Bridge

#4 Chadwick (USA) driven by William Haupt. 60 HP. Finished 10th. Magneto problem on lap 7. Running in lap 9 when race was called.

#5 Mercedes (Germany) driven by William Luttgen. 90 HP. Finished 4th. Car owned by William K. Vanderbilt Jr. Running in last lap when race was called. Courtesy of Robert Luttgen, granson of William Luttgen.

#6 Isotta (Italy) driven by Herb Lytle. 60 HP. Finished 2nd. Previously won the 1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes. Less than two minutes behind winner. First to finish, but started 10 minutes ahead of #16

#7 Matheson (USA) driven by James Ryall. 60 HP. Finished 12th.

#12 Thomas (USA) driven by George Salzman. 110 HP. Finished 5th. Running in lap 11 when race was called.

#16 Locomobile (USA) driven by George Robertson. 90 HP. Finished 1st. First American car to win the Vanderbilt Cup Race. Averaged 64.3 mph.

A Locomobile postcard.

A 1909 Locomobile ad.

A unique view of Old 16 on the bridge.

Then & Now. The bridge is finally being replaced in 2015.

Link to AmeriCARNA videos.


Aug 11 2018 Chris 4:44 PM

I have an R.W. Tebbs postcard of this scene,
signed by Tebbs and dated 1908. Tebbs sent to a Mr.
Myer Phillips.

Feb 17 2020 Art Kleiner 5:07 PM

1927 Photo (copy) of Westbury showing a nice depiction of the Ellison Ave. bridge.


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