Sep 03 2011

Video: “Take a Ride with the Black Beast on the Lime Rock Track”


The 2011 Laime Rock Vintage Car Races


The Black Beast Preparing for a Lap at Lime Rock Track



The Black Beast was at Lime Rock Track in Lakeville, Connecticut on Saturday.



Howard Kroplick and Bob Melhado at Lime Rock Track

Howard Kroplick and Bob Melhado, the Chief Stewart for this weekend's vintage car races, took a lap on this historic track.



Take a ride along with Bob and I on the Lime Rock Track in this 4-minute video using a helmut GoPro Hero camera:






Update: September 6, 2011: Sports Car Digest: Lime Rock Historic Festival 2011 – Results and Photos


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Sep 05 2011 Ken Wiebke 12:14 AM

Great video Howard.
  I can’t imagine the guts of the oldtimers who had these up to what 90MPH on the rough roads of the time.  Have you considered visting something like the Bonneville Salt flats to drive the Black Beast wide open?  From the Indy video I had the impression she had plenty more to give… What’s your view about top speed?

Sep 05 2011 Roy Buckridge 11:59 AM

I loved your drive around the Lime Rock circuit. What a great way to enjoy your Black Beast. Take advantage of every oppertunity to run the Black Beast, a real thrill.

Sep 06 2011 James and Gram Spina 9:19 AM

Drove at Limerock numerous times in my TVR…but…THIS was SO much more fun! Look forward to seeing you and the beast at upcoming events. Gram wants you to sign his Indy 500 program.

Sep 06 2011 Howard Kroplick 11:40 AM

From David R:

“Great ride in the Black Beast.  This gave me the encouragement to bring my flat tail sprint car and my 1952 road race special to Lime Rock next year.  I have never driven there and have been thinking about it for the last couple of years.  It is not a nice tow from Williamsburg, VA to Lime Rock but looks like it would be worth it.”

Sep 07 2011 Bob Melhado 11:00 AM

WOW!That helmet camera does a fantastic job!

Thanks for the ride Howard..Lets hope I can get worker rides at future events…

I’m glad we had just enough time to get this one lap in !

Sep 07 2011 Howard Kroplick 3:34 PM

Bob, it was a pleasure riding with you!!


Sep 09 2011 Howard Kroplick 9:10 PM


I believe the Black Beast could do over 100 mph at Bonneville…maybe next year! To date, the fastest recorded speed is 68 mph made by Emerson Fittipaldi at this year’s Indy 500 Race parade lap.


Sep 11 2011 Steve Calandra 10:23 AM

I used to do timed laps at Lime Rock with My 66 Corvair Monza.I hit 90 a quite a few times.
What a thrill!
Sounds like the black beast needs one of my tuneups,
I have a passion for this sorta thing ya’know.
The carburetor is running too rich. The idle mixture and or the float needs adjustment
I worked on a 1913 Willys Overland with great success.
Steve Calandra NJ

Sep 11 2011 DON CORIE 7:34 PM


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