Feb 21 2014

Video of the Week: “The Vanderbilts - An American Dynasty”

This week's video of the week is a 48-minute Biography special on our beloved Vanderbilt Family.

Although Willie K. does not get even a mention, his parents Alva and William K. Vanderbilt are discussed at the 17:32 mark of the film and his sister Consuelo at 26:30.


Howard Kroplick



The Vanderbilts - An American Dynasty

They were arguably the most powerful family in America. But the dynasty dissolved in a frenzy of excess, backbiting and sexual indiscretions. The Vanderbilts were a gossip columnist's dream. Their saga was a magnificent tapestry of honor, greed and scandal, and, of course, wealth. This documentary traces their stunning story, from the genius of the "Commodore" to the custody battle over little Gloria. Discover how Cornelius first built a fortune in shipping before turning his attention to railroads. Relive his legendary battles with rival John Jay Gould. Trace the scandals that scarred the family image, and learn of their enormous contributions to charity that could never overcome the doings that dominated the gossip page. And biographers and rare footage highlight the defining moments in the history of the dynasty.


Howard Kroplick

Traveling down the Nile River on the steamer Prince Abbas  in 1888. Front row, left to right,: O.H.P. Belmont, F.O. Beach, and Alva Vanderbilt. Second row: William K. Vanderbilt, Consuelo Vanderbilt, Willie K and Dr. Francis Johnston. In 1895, William K. Vanderbilt and Alva divorced. One year later Alva married O.H.P. Belmont

A gallery of films on William K. Vanderbilt Jr and the Vanderbilt family.


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