Sep 11 2013

Video: Henry Ford’s Racer “Sweepstakes Rides Again”

Last July, I had the honor to portray driver Alexander Winton racing Henry Ford in the History Channel's "Men Who Built America". Ed LaBounty's 1913 red White speedster (Sweepstakes) and my Alco Black Beast (Winton) re-enacted the historic 1901 sweepstakes race.

This summer, Ford Racing released a video of NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards taking the ride of a lifetime in Henry Ford's first and only race car, Sweepstakes.


Howard Kroplick



Ford Racing "Swwepstakes Rides Again"

Film Segment of Alexander Winton (Howard Kroplick) racing Henry Ford (Ed LaBounty) in the finale of "Men Who Built America".


Sep 18 2013 Lou 8:47 AM

That was exciting to watch , even from my desk chair. Thanks for posting this Howard .

Sep 19 2013 Ted 4:52 PM

I thank you for the posting of this too Howard

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