Apr 08 2012

Video: Chrysler’s Chrysler Gets a New Home

After 53 years of storage in garages at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum and the Long Island Automotive Museum, the 1937 Chysler Imperial C-15 Town Car (custom built by LeBaron for Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler) was moved to its new Roslyn home on April 4, 2012.

This four-minute video documents the initial step of the preservation of the historic "Chrysler's Chrysler".


Howard Kroplick

After years of storage, the 1937 "Chrysler's Chrysler" was moved from the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum's Curator Cottage garage to its new home in Roslyn. The first time the car has been outside in years. Howard Kroplick being congratulated by Stephanie Gress, Director of Curatorial Affairs at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum. Howard Kroplick, Stephanie Gress, and Lance Rheinheimer, Director of the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum, finalized the transfer of the automobile. Steve Babinsky of Auto Restorations of Lebanon, New Jersey led a great team to help move the car including from left to right: Jim Pearsall, Steve Babinsky, Walter Gosden, Howard Kroplick, and Al Velocci. Photo courtesy of Lance Rheinheimer. In its new home at the Waterfront at Roslyn garage. The amazing grille and bullet headlights. The car was donated to the museum in 1959 by Huntington resident Harry Gilbert. The Alco "Black Beast" and "Chrysler's Chyrsler" ...together for the first time. Having a lot of fun cleaning the car! Photo courtesy of Tom Abbe.


Apr 08 2012 James 6:24 AM

Thumbs up to the start of an amazing auto adventure from Gram and James. Document as much as possible. This is invaluable automotive and Long Island history in the making.

Apr 08 2012 Peter Papademetriou 7:42 AM

Wow! Howard - looks like a “bit” of work in front of You!
BTW: the opening date on the video should be 2012, not 2011.

Apr 08 2012 Lou 8:22 AM

When did it last run?

Apr 08 2012 Bruce Adams 9:02 AM

Can’t wait to visit CHRYSLER’S CHRYSLER AND THE BLACK BEAST at their Watrfront home.
Congratulations on giving a great home to this historic car.

Apr 08 2012 Dick 10:05 AM

Looks like you’re having fun!

Apr 08 2012 Phil Benincasa 10:26 AM

Am anxiously waiting progress reports to see this Beauty restored to it’s former glory.

Apr 08 2012 Kenneth J. Harris 10:42 AM

Nicely done!  I’ll be looking forward to updates as the restoration begins.

Apr 08 2012 KEN WIEBKE 10:47 AM

THANKS FOR SHARING.  i’m not sure but the rear fenders seems rather cutaway or maybe there are fender skirts missing.  Am sure you’ll have a grat deal of fun.  Love the headline: Chrysler’s Chrysler.

Apr 08 2012 Ron Ridolph 11:39 AM

Hi Howard:

        ”  D I T T O,  D I T T O,  D I T T O ”  on all of the above messages !!!!!

                      Cheers and Best Regards,  Ron Ridolph

Apr 08 2012 Howard Kroplick 12:04 PM

From Margaret Vitale:
“Congratulations Howard. !  Walter P’s Chrysler will be well loved. “

Apr 08 2012 Howard Kroplick 12:06 PM

From Bruce K:
“Great photography.  In the opening scene I was thinking that the Chrysler’s motor was a little noisy but ok for being stored so long while backing out of the garage.  Then I saw the “skinny” tow line connecting it to the noisy diesel pickup, sneaky photographer you hired!”

Apr 08 2012 Howard Kroplick 3:19 PM

Thanks for all the positive comments. Peter, good catch on the date of the filming-corrected version now online.

Apr 08 2012 jim barnes 3:19 PM

“Drive a Classic”..  its more fun. WOW did you take that to the extreme

Best of luck with the project. In a year it will be first class.

I was with Sam today at Garden City, He told me you are going back to Indy. Congratulations on that too.

Try to come Tuesday night or maybe to Chowder

See you soon,

Jim Barnes

Apr 08 2012 Roger Price 6:44 PM

I can only imagine the excitement you felt getting behind the wheel of that great Chrysler.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video of the car being moved to your garage.
Mazel tov!!!

Apr 08 2012 Rich 7:53 PM

Very cool!!!!!

Apr 09 2012 Tom 10:20 AM

Absolutely terrific. Enjoy the car and the restoration progress. A gem.

Apr 10 2012 Larry 11:05 AM

Howie:  It is beautiful!  Even in it’s current unrestored condition.  Can’t wait to see it in person.

Apr 10 2012 Noel J. Gish 11:29 AM

after all these years in storage—-a new beginning and new life—-Howard I know you will do the car justice—-Bravo on the start of a wonderful restoration adventure. All Stony Brook Alumni are cheering you on!!!!!!

Apr 15 2012 Howard Kroplick 12:07 AM

Again, all the positive vibes are much appreciated!

Apr 23 2012 Water Jacket 2:13 AM

Though this Packardite has NO interest in limousines, town cars, anything on a long wheelbase, Packards included,  there’s something arresting about this sleek ‘37 Imperial.  One of the few Deco looks that works, helped by the less is more of no sidemounts and an understated, basic hood ornament.  Let’s hope the restorers keep the car in its slinky, sleek, uncluttered mode, sans fog/driving lights and the usual efflivia seen on too many restored cars that seldom wore such in the day.

  Any hope of this car being rejuvenated without whitewalls for an even more elegant look?  Let that flowing LeBaron body do the talking.

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