Jun 10 2015

VanderbiltCupRaces.com Exclusive: Photos From the First Long Island Motor Parkway Officer

In the second in our series, Arthur Mauriello, grandson of Thomas Zinzi and Josephine Zinzi, has provided more photos from his family albums.

Thomas Zinzi was the first police officer for the Long Island Motor Parkway and was married to Josephine Zinzi, the Massapequa Lodge gatekeeper. The Zinzis lived in the Massapequa Lodge from 1926 until 1967. Moreover, Arthur Mauriello lived as an infant with his grandparents.



Howard Kroplick

A view of the Zinzi's home in May 1938, one month after it closed as the Massapequa Lodge.

Note the "Massapequa" signage above the port cochere and the swinging gate on the far left.

Thomas Zinzi in an undated photo at the entrance to the Massapequa Lodge. Note the Motor Parkway concrete posts and wire  in the background.

After the Motor Parkway closed, Thomas Zinzi continued to worked for William K. Vanderbilt Jr as his personal security guard. Here Zinzi can be seen at the entrance to Willie K's Eagle Nest estate in Centerport.


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