Mar 07 2020

Vanderbilia: A Unique Scorecard for the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race

The Home Insurance Company promoted its auto services in 1910 by publishing this unique scorecard for the Vanderbilt Cup Race.


Howard Kroplick

The Scorecard was compliments of The Home Insurance Company of New York., promoting "Millions behind its Automobile Policy."

The reverse side featured a map of the course and details of the three races that ran simultaneously: the Vanderbilt Cup Race, Wheatley Hills Sweepstakes and Massapequa Sweepstakes.,

Information on all the entrants and their racers were featured inside the scorecard for a potential 30 laps..

The scorecard is 13 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches and had an insert for laps 6 to 25.

Vanderbilt Cup Race 

Wheatley Hills Sweepstakes

Massapequa Sweepstakes


Mar 08 2020 Sheri Mignano 10:20 AM

This is over the top! when it comes to ephemeral stuff, this deserves a big congratulations! 
Howard Kroplick

Sheri, Agree! It was a logical promotion for a company offering automobile insurance.

Mar 08 2020 S. Berliner, III 2:31 PM

Fab find but, re the Wheatley Hills Sweepstakes, I don’t think I know of a “Fal”, let alone TWO of ‘em!  Sam, III

Mar 09 2020 Al Velocci 3:21 PM

Sam, Re: Fal automobile, check Wikipedia

Mar 09 2020 S. Berliner, III 9:51 PM

Hadn’t done so because it never occurred to me that it was for real.  That’s the beauty of these blogs - there’s always something new to learn.  Thanks, Al (and Howard)!  Sam, III

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