Apr 21 2015

Latest Update: The 4th Annual Motor Parkway “Sunday Drive” to Lake Ronkonkoma

Ellyn Okvist has provided this update on the upcoming "Motor Parkway Sunday Drive" from Queens to Lake Ronkonkoma.

The Alco Black Beast will join the "Drive" in Lakeland.


Howard Kroplick


Update on the SUNDAY DRIVE for 4/26/15


Everything is running so very  smoothly. 

The NYPD, Nassau County Police Dept. & Suffolk County Police Dept. are truly a gift for us.

Details were confirmed with the  Cunningham Park in the City of New York,  The Queens Historical Society, Half Hollow Hills School District,  Lakeland Fire Department and the Town of Islip.

Meeting at 8AM in Cunningham Park.  Please line up in year order.

Waiting at Half Hollows High School, we estimate 10am.  Please be ready at the east end of the first interior circle, and when the Suffolk County Police direct you, fall into line with the year order.

Waiting at Lakeland Sub-Station: we estimate 11am.  Please note: since this is an active fire department, please give them all respect.  We suggest that at about 10:35, you line up facing north on the right hand side of the Fire Station and wait. Once again the Suffolk County Police will direct you.

Please note the Molinari Jeep displaying the American Flag will take the lead at this time. 

At the entrance, please "Pay the  $5.00 TOLL" to the young girls waiting.  We all know where the toll is going, and please have the correct amount as the girls will not be able to give change.  Additional donation is discretionary, and ALL proceeds go to the Arthur Lopez Memorial.

The procession will drive to the end of the parking lot, make the left, and then a left, and then a right back onto the entrance road.  Please drive up, on the right,  onto the grassy rolling hill and park facing east (the entrance road).

Once everyone is settled, we will hold the Proclamation of the 10th Historic Landmark of Lake Ronkonkoma, and then enjoy the day.

My phone number is below, but I do have a roadster pickup and can not hear the phone.  Any other time is fine. 

Ellyn Okvist


Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association

(631) 831-1670


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