Sep 15 2011

New “Now” Images of Motor Parkway Bridges in Queens

New "Now" images of three Motor Parkway bridges in Queens:

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series: #6 Wheeler Farmway Bridge #1 In Queens


A recent visit to the area shows that someone has unearthed more of the first Wheeler Farmway Bridge.




The current south view. Note a piece of the railing can be seen in the middle.



The current north view.

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series: #7 Wheeler Farmway Bridge #2 (Alley Pond) in Queens


Current view looking north to the ballfields


Current view looking south to the Union Turnpike


On the Motor Parkway Bike Path looking west.

Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge Series: #5 Rocky Hill Road (Springfield Boulevard) Bridge


View looking north-west.


Looking west towards the bridge at the location of the Rocky Hill Road Lodge. Note the ramps on both sides of the road.

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Sep 19 2011 frank femenias 1:12 AM

Hi Howard
Love the LIMP Bridge Series you’re posting. Can’t wait to see the next set of bridges and routes in line. That Central RR abutment over Bell Blvd was unexpected!. Please keep ‘em comin’!

Sep 19 2011 Dennis Kelly 9:37 AM


There is another bridge that you didn’t mention, but perhaps it’s not an original bridge?  between the Farmway bridge closer to Springfield and the other Wheeler bridge near the tennis courts.  When heading east, it’s just before the downhill that takes you under the highway.  I can’t imagine why it would have been built after the parkway closed…  Let me know if you want me to take a picture of it.


Sep 19 2011 Howard Kroplick 10:54 AM

Hi Dennis:

Please send me a jpeg to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . I believe the bridge that you are referring to may have been built by Robert Moses to provide access for a bridle path.


Sep 21 2011 Joseph Coen 5:30 PM

I grew up in Queens Village and remember the LIMP bridges well.  As little kids we used to call the Alley Pond bridge the “hooting and hollering bridge” because of its wonderful echo effect.  Later my dad took up jogging and made use of the existing LIMP roadway from Winchester Blvd. to Francis Lewis Blvd.

I recall that in some locations you could see the original roadbed and then a newer, smaller road surface that was paved over it at some point.

I don’t recall what bridge Dennis Kelly refers to, but do remember that there was an extensive bridle trail through the park which was still in use when I was a boy. I believe it even extended beyond the park along the LIE service road as far as Springfield Blvd. and maybe even Bell Blvd.  Much of it was obliterated when the LIE was widened in the 1960’s or 70’s

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