Jan 23 2013

Upcoming Exhibit: “Car Culture: Art and the Automobile” 4/27/13- 8/11/13, Huntington, NY

Beginning this Spring, the Heckscher Museum of Art will present an exhibit "Car Culture: Art and the Automobile". Image:  Paul Giovanopoulos, Corvette #2, 2007 .  Courtesy of the Artist.


Howard Kroplick


Car Culture: Art and the Automobile
Explore Artistic Response to the Automobile
April 27 - August 11, 2013

Car Culture: Art and the Automobile explores artistic response to the automobile, which has transformed life in the 20th century more significantly than any other single factor, irrevocably changing the appearance of our environment and our experience of it.  While some artists focus on images of the car itself, inspired by its alluring modernity or its status as an icon or expression of personal identity, others created artwork from car parts such as scrap metal and tires.  Later artists comment on the automobile's ubiquitous presence in the landscape, seen in the roadside environment, the phenomenon of the road trip, and ultimately the damage it causes to our environment.  The photographers, painters, and sculptors included in this exhibition examine an aspect of our lives that is often taken for granted.  

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Jan 27 2013 Ken Wiebke 9:01 AM

Might be considered as a kind of event for various car clubs.  Thanks.

May 18 2013 Mary Anne Yutes 4:50 PM

I am interested in a classic car show event to be held in Westhampton Beach NY this
summer, to benefit the Westhampton Beach Free Library.Please contact me with
information on the club that would be interested in assisting our organization.

Mary Anne Yutes

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