Oct 12 2009

Film “The “Black Beast” at the 2009 Great Neck Plaza Autofest/Festival”

It was a wonderful day in Great Neck Plaza on a beautiful Sunday. Over 10,000 people enjoyed music, food, antiques, entertainment and vintage cars. This 3-minute film features the reactions to seeing, hearing and sitting in the "Black Beast".


Oct 13 2009 Art S 12:29 AM

Thank you for sharing the great vehicle with the public!  The Vanderbilt connection’s especially meaningful to me because my parents’ former backyard (@ 214 Street & Richland Avenue in Hollis Hills) adjoins the ‘Old Motor Parkway’.  I played there when I was a kid & walk there with Marlene now.  I’m a toy train buff & never knew that Alco built autos (however briefly).  The brochure’s essay about the car’s history (& tie in to the French manufacturer) is fascinating.  12 out of 5000 surviving: WOW!  And it’s great that it’s back in its country of origin.

Oct 13 2009 John H 12:31 AM

Howard Thanks for Making October 11th a memorable day.

Oct 13 2009 Neal B. 9:29 AM

I enjoyed meeting you on October 11th in Great Neck . The Black Beast is nothing short of amazing.

Oct 18 2009 Art K. 8:10 AM

Hi Howard - Nice work.  Thanks for sharing the videos.  Any thoughts on having some pictures taken of the Black Beast on the remaining portions of the Motor Parkway or the route of the race?  Might be some interesting shots.

Oct 18 2009 Jay Corn 2:43 PM

    We were thrilled to have hosted the Alco-6, Bete Noire (Black Beast) at Great Neck Plazas 25th Annual Autofest-Street Festival. To picture this magnificent example of not only Automotive History but Long Island History, racing through Great Neck 100 years ago is thrilling.  You did a fabulous job capturing the essence of the day in your film clip.
    Thank you so much for bringing the Alco-6 Racer back to America and back home to Great Neck.  We will always reserve a spot for you at our Autofest.  Hope to see you next year.
Jay Corn,
Chairman, Great Neck Plaza AutoFest

Oct 22 2009 Howard Kroplick 7:32 PM

Thanks for the positive vibes!!! I hope to be able to show and ride the Alco throughout Long Island. The Greak Neck Plaza was great fun!!!


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