Jun 14 2010

Postcards from the Long Island Automotive Museum (#1-6)

The Long Island Automotive Museum in Southampton, New York was the foremost car museum on Long Island from 1948 to 1980...and is sadly missed. Founded and owned by the prominent collector and writer Henry Austin Clark, Jr., the museum featured a vast display of unique antique cars.


As described in this brochure , provided by Walter McCarthy, the museum also offered a wide array of related merchandise including; jewelry, label buttons, photos, model car kits, china and series of postcards. There were at least four series of postcards published featuring the cars of "Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and other noted collections". Here are five postcards from one of the series. Remember to click on the image to enlarge it.

#1: 1896 Duryea, Road Wagon, 2 cylinders, 4 HP, Price new: $1,500



#2: 1899 Hertel, Runabout, 2 cylinders, 2 1/2 HP, Price new: $750



#3: 1899 Locomobile, Steam Stanhope, 2 cylinders, 4-5 HP, Style 1, Price new: $600



#4: 1900 Columbia, Electic Surrey, Mark XIX, Price new: $1,500



#6: 1902 Oldsmobile, Curved-Dash Runabout, 1 cylinder, 4-5 HP, Model R, Price new: $650



Watch for more Henry Austin Clark, Jr. postcards to be posted this summer.

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Jun 15 2010 Tom 5:38 PM

Great stuff!

Jun 20 2010 Walt Gosden 11:49 AM

I met Austin (you never called him Henry, and those that called him “Austie” was their pet name for him , he never introduced himself as Austie) when I was 18 years old. In the early to mid 1970s I was his librarian for several years at his private library in his home in Glen Cove. He was a man with a Victorian sense of loyalty to his friends, and did not suffer fools lightly. He could easily been a character from a novel by Charles Dickens. He encouraged my interest in research and writing about pre WWII vehicles, and was one of the first collectors that took an interest in old trucks and saved many of them. Oh the stories I could tell about the situations I got involved with him…..........

Jun 23 2010 Howard Kroplick 12:44 AM

Hi Walt:

Thanks for the information!


Aug 04 2010 Eric Edwards 12:57 AM

I am fortunate to be the current custodian of Austin Clarks Jrs 1906 Studebaker Model G Touring car that was sold at Auction in 1968—-It was purchased by Bill Harrah for the sum of $6,750 . After Harrah passed away the car was again sold in 1982 and Bob Volpe brought it back to the east coast. For a number of years it was in various states or disassembly and then finally the restoration was almost complete in 2005. I acquired the car from Leo Parnagian and since then I have completed the restoration to my satisfaction and now it gets toured and shown regularly—-What a great car and a great history—When Austie found the car, he recorded the event for posterity and I am fortunate to have this in my 1906 Studebaker portfolio.  Eric and Linda Edwards Baxter Ontraio Canada.

Sep 14 2010 Larry 10:50 AM

I have the whole card collection and would like to sell please inform.  Thank you

Sep 14 2010 Larry 10:58 AM

what are these cards worth?

Sep 15 2010 Howard Kroplick 9:57 AM

Hi Larry:

How many cards do you have?


Dec 08 2010 Dennis 2:09 AM

Are these post cards or cards with pictures on one side and information on the other side.  This is what I have.  Do you have a value on them?

Aug 02 2011 Don Watson 3:57 AM

We are looking for Postcard(s) showing the Model T Ford Towncar

Aug 04 2011 Howard Kroplick 11:26 PM

Hi Don:

I have 4 Ford Town Car postcards (1 Model T and 3 Model As). Here’s the link: http://www.vanderbiltcupraces.com/index.php/blog/article/long_island_automotive_museum_postcards_ford_town_cars

The postcards have the photo on the front and information on the back. I woul estimate the value around $1 per postcard.


Sep 11 2011 marvin jaffe 8:16 PM

to Larry and others, I would appreciate knowing if you sold any of your cards & what you may have received. I also have many other similar cards. thanks that I would be interested in selling,marvin sept. 11 ,2011

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