Feb 17 2009

The Ronkonkoma Lodge in 1930

Last week, I posted images of the Long Island Motor Parkway toll collection structures at the western terminus in Queens. Here is a rare photo of the Ronkonkoma Lodge on the other end of the Motor Parkway at Lake Ronkonkoma. As with the Rocky Hill Road Toll Booth, the Ronkonkoma Lodge also straddled both lanes of the Motor Parkway.

This photo was first published in the April 1930 issue of Roads and Streets. It was found in the archives of the Smithtown Library by Al Velocci.

If anyone would like their Long Island Motor Parkway photos posted on VanderbiltCupRaces.com, please forward the jpegs to me at [email protected] .


Sep 12 2010 Andy Hartwell 1:18 PM

A few months back I took a ride to the eastern end of the current motor parkway - right up to the lake - looking for any signs of the old Ronkonkoma lodge.  Nothing jumped out at me.  Any chance you can pinpoint the exact location on a google earth map for me? Maybe some then and now pics too?

As always, thanks for providing so much interesting information and photos about the VC races and Long Island.

Will you be at the Simeone museum for the Elegance of Speed automobilia show?  Hope to see you and the Black Beast again!

Keep your speed up!

Sep 12 2010 Howard Kroplick 8:53 PM

Hi Andy:

I will post a Then and Now on the Ronkonkoma Lodge next week.

When is the Simeone automobilia show?



Sep 13 2010 Andy Hartwell 8:20 PM

Simeone show is October 16 & 17 http://eleganceofspeed.com/


Sep 16 2010 Howard Kroplick 9:37 PM

Hi Andy:

Here is a link to the Then and Now for the Ronkonkoma Lodge:



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