Dec 20 2010

Cablevision’s Neighborhood Journal Film Series: “Part I: Who was Vanderbilt?”

Cablevision's Neighborhood Journal has developed a five-part film series on the Vanderbilt Cup Races. The producer and narrator of the film is Bob Klement who is interviewed by host Joanna Venditto. The five parts of the series are:

Part I -Who was Vanderbilt?

Part II- From Dream to Reality

Part III- Early Cars, Early Races

Part IV-Birth of the Motor Parkway

Part V-Racing into History

This 6-minute segment "Part I: Who was Vanderbilt?" focuses on William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., the donor and organizer of the Vanderbilt Cup Races.

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Today's Comments on

Art K.: "Howard, great pics once again. The cemetery you mention in the last pic is still there, on the west side of the access road to the current Tennis Club that sits just north of the railroad and Central Avenue, at the point where the bridge crossed over".

Tom: "Indeed great photos!"

Terrence McKeever: "I agree with Ken the Long Island motor sports community seems to be dumped on all the time and it seem to be okay by those that preserve land. They all seem to forget that Long Island has a rich history in motorsports or is it they don’t want to be reminded. Thanks for saving this small piece."

Wallace Kaufman: "As we look at Clarence Mackay in the bosom of the eastern elite establishment, it’s interesting to remember that his father, John, an Irish Catholic immigrant with a French wife, were shunned. Yet when Clarence’s daughter Ellin wanted to marry a Russian Jewish immigrant Clarence hired private detectives and reportedly said, “Over my dead body.” He lived, she eloped: with Irving Berlin. My grandparents lived in a house without plumbing by the swamps immediately below Mackay’s estate, English immigrants. My grandfather often served as Mackay’s photographer for special events. My aunts and my mother wore clothes Ellin outgrew."

Sam Berliner III: "Howard, Art, Pat,and Brian (and so many others); thank you all so much for your kind words. It’s been great fun and I’ve met and worked with great people. It is so very rewarding to see the ongoing progress; keep it going! Blame it all on Bob Miller, who I’ve known since around 1960; he inveigled me into attending an early lecture he was giving on some old road called the Motor Parkway. What is NOT fun, though, is painstakingly restoring each of my 485+ web pages, although I’ve made some big advances here and there. Of the ~50 LIMP pages, 10 are done and I’ll speed things up. Better yet, I found an e-trove of old pix (including the first set in the tangle at BSP!) and think I can now retrieve the long-lost really old ones. So, please bear with me; we’ll get there. Sam, III"


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