May 02 2017

Tucker Memorabilia: Luggage to License Plates Updated: 12/26/2019

Similar to the Vanderbilt Cup  Races and the Long Island Motor Parkway, fans of Tucker automobiles enjoy collecting memorabilia. Several of these items will be on display on Sunday when Tucker #1044 makes its Long Island car show debut  at the Regimental Activities NAFI Auto Show in Kings Point.


Howard Kroplick

Dealership Banners

An original Tucker dealership banner.

A reproduction of the banner. You can tell the difference from the original banner by the long "t" font in the word "First"

Tucker License Plates

Illinois issued a "1" 1948 manufacturer's license plate to Tucker. The license plate numbers did not correspond to the serial numbers of the Tuckers.

Illinois also issued a 1949 Tucker manufacturer's license plate.

Tucker Luggage

Tucker issued special leather luggage for their automobiles.

Tyler Tucker, great-great grandson of preston Tucker, loading a piece of Tucker luggage into Tucker #1044. His uncle Sean Tucker is in the background.

Tucker Radio

Thousands of Tucker radios were built for the Tucker automobiles that were never built.

Tucker Replica and Desk Piece

Tucker offered this replica and desk piece to the public.

Dealership Poster

This poster was provided to Tucker dealerships to promote their planned 1948 campaigns.

Tucker Topics Dealer Publication

Tucker Corporation issued a series of Tucker Topics to their dealers in 1948 covering recent and current activities and future plans.


Tuckers have been featured on many automobile calendars.

Tuckers did not have seatbelts.


May 03 2017 Dick Gorman 11:36 AM

As for the Tucker/Banner and the reproduction; The slogan “America’s first completely new car in 50 years” is set in a different type face on the reproduction… the a’s the r’s and the s’s are especially different on the copy.

May 03 2017 frank femenias 10:45 PM

Excellent observation. I disregarded/overlooked these details! Nice job guys.

May 09 2017 Paul DiNatale 5:00 AM

what a shame that the tucker never made it beyond 1948.  i must see the movie that was made a few years ago.

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