Apr 29 2018

On the Road to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: Tucker 1044 Conservation Report:

I had a wonderful day today with Rob Ida, Mike Tucker and Sean Tucker at Ida Automotive in Morganville, New Jersey reviewing progress on Tucker 1044.

The conservation project is on schedule and will be ready for the 2018 Pebble Beach Tour d'Elegance and Concours d'Elegance.


Howard Kroplick

Rob Ida checking out the alignment of the body

Left to right: Rob Ida, me, Mike Tucker and Sean Tucker.

The engine is getting ready to be painted in the original Tucker engine colors.

Rob showing how the new paint will exactly match the original Andante green found on the wheel.

The new and old Torsilastic suspension.

The Stromberg "Aerotype" carburetor

The Tucker family located two original Westinghouse headlights which will be placed in Tucker 1044.

The restored speedometer panel that matches specification in the original Tucker blueprints.

Another NOS piece for the Tucker 1044.

The original "Select-O-Seat" Tucker label still under the cushion.

L.A.Young Spring & Wire Corporation was based in Detroit, Michigan.

An August 1950 ad for the "Select-O-Seat" in which the customer  "choose your own comfort".


Apr 29 2018 Peter W Moore 1:34 AM

I have a good friend who owns Tucker #11, will pass on more comments on that later, however I wanted to make sure that an inherent problem with Tuckers has been addressed which is the improper radius on all 4 hubs leading to hairline cracks. My friend acquired blueprints for the redesigned hubs from Stan Gilliland who I believe is now deceased but was the founder of the Tucker club and an authority on the subject. Just wanted to make sure this problem has been addressed so there are no rude surprises in the future. Keep up the good work!
Peter W Moore

Apr 29 2018 John Tucker 7:29 AM

Thank you for the update. Things are progressing so well. It’s great to see that Andante Green ready to apply. It is gratifying knowing the fine work that’s under that primer, so much care went into it. This an epic restoration.

Apr 29 2018 Bob Fria 12:29 PM

How fortunate to be able to install original, traceable parts. A work to be proud of!  I go with the original color green.

Apr 29 2018 Roger A Price 9:37 PM

Looking good Howard!!  Can’t wait to see your car when it’s finished.  You look like a proud papa looking at your Tucker.

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