Mar 07 2018

Tucker 1044 Conservation Report III: Putting 1044 Back Together

Last Saturday, I met with Sean Tucker and Rob Ida at Ida Automotive in Morganville, New Jersey to review the progress on the "conservation" of Tucker 1044.

Tucker 1044 is being put back together as seen in these images taken by John Cuocco and from the facebook pages of Rob Ida and Preston Tucker, LLC (Mike and Sean Tucker).


Howard Kroplick

Tucker Body

Discussing 1044 with Sean and Rob.

Rob Ida: Getting Tucker 1044 shaped up!


Preston Tucker LLC: Chrome progress on Tucker 1044...she's coming along!


Preston Tucker, LLC: Tucker 1044's original Stromberg carburetor rebuilt and ready to go!

Cord Transmission

Franklin Engine

Rob Ida: The Tucker/Franklin engine is all ready for the correct shade of grey thanks to Axaltare Finish, AACA Museum, Wurth USA and Preston Tucker LLC.


Original label!


Rob showing off the generator to Bob Ida and Sean Tucker.

Another original label!

Nuts and Bolts

Sean Tucker: We are literally touching every single bolt for the conservation of Tucker #1044. Every single original bolt is being cleaned, stripped and replated in its original finish. We feel we should maintain every possible original Tucker piece  on the car.


Mar 08 2018 frank femenias 6:36 PM

Amazing restoration work here. Thanks for sharing the progress. I can tell already she’s gonna be a beaut. Can’t wait to see her up close!

Mar 11 2018 Jeff Perkins 10:00 PM

Anxious to see the finished car. Perhaps you can give all of us an advance notice of #1044’s public debut. My son and I could possibly fly out to see it and meet you depending on his schedule.
Howard Kroplick

Jeff, the debut will likely be announced in early summer on this website.

Mar 12 2018 Steve 9:29 AM

What I really want to know is, when it’s done, a description of the driving experience VS what it was BEFORE all the work. Basically, this will be “as new”

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