Jan 21 2013

Trucking Down to the Vanderbilt Cup Races

The vast majority of spectators to the Vanderbilt Cup Races of Long Island from 1904 to 1910 came from New York City. They utilized every mode of transportation available including; trains, automobiles, horses, trolleys and trucks which were the precursors to buses.

This "perfectly simple, simply perfect" Maxwell truck brought these men to the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

Another group of spectators on their way to a Vanderbilt Cup Race. Can anyone identify the vehicle and the most likely year the photo was taken? There is a clue in the photo.


Howard Kroplick


Jan 23 2013 Ted 12:27 AM

Could the clue be the spectators or something about the vehicle?

Jan 25 2013 Ariejan Bos 5:36 PM

The bus seems to be a Locomobile with a miniature Vanderbilt Cup on top of the radiator, a commemoration of Locomobile winning the Vanderbilt Cup in 1908. The year of the photograph must be at least 1909, as these mascots came available in this year. From 1910 onwards the Locomobile radiator had a flattened top, so 1909 seems to be the most probable year of the photograph (though 1910 cannot be ruled out of course). Noticeable is the straight front axle, uncommon for Locomobiles (which always had bent front axles), but maybe this gave the axle higher strength?

Jan 25 2013 Howard Kroplick 8:33 PM

Ariejan, congrats! That’s my guess too. Here is a post with five Locomobiles with the mascot. http://www.vanderbiltcupraces.com/index.php/blog/article/sunday_january_24_2010_six_locomobiles_with_vanderbilt_cup_mascots

Jan 26 2013 Ted 12:34 AM

I knew it was something about the bus and noticed the miniature Vanderbilt Cup on top of the radiator too

Jan 27 2013 SBIII 4:29 PM

Doesn’t the Loco firetruck in the linked photo set have a straight front axle, as well?  Mayhap the heavy-duty vehicles had such.

Sam, III

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