Jun 29 2013

The Top 15 Black Beast Films On YouTube

Based on YouTube views, below are the top 15 videos featuring the Alco Black Beast. Amazingly, over 37,000 people have viewed the 5-minute clip of the Black Beast in the 2012 History Channel's series "Men Who Built America."


Howard Kroplick


Jul 01 2013 Ted 4:33 PM

Great films, Never got to see them all in their entirety

Nov 17 2013 greg tsistinas 8:17 AM

Hi Howard, I saw you and The Black Beast at the Heckscher Museum earlier this spring while the Discovery Channel were filming you that day and all that week! You gave me a tour a couple of times around the circular path that day while they were filming us go around, something I will always remember! Do you know when to expect that show to come out and will it be available on DVD? Thanks, Greg Tsistinas

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