May 13 2010

Vanderbilt Cup Race Pennants Sold for $1,743 on Ebay

Two "vintage 1909 and 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race pennants" were auctioned on Ebay last week. The two pennants were sold together for $1,743 with 16 bidders participating. This was the description of the items by the seller:

"2 Vintage 1909 & 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race Felt Pennants. The large 1909 one measures 34 inches long x 15 inches tall, with colors of purple & white. The year 1909 and the makers name are in the lower left corner, which looks like Nempthorne??? All 3 fastening ties still remain. The stiched on Race Car measures about 11 inches long, showing both the driver & riding mechanic. It has soiling, tack holes and miscellaneous moth holes, but overall is still in good condition and displays well. The 1910 one measures about 24.5 inches long x 10 Inches tall, with colors of red, blue & white. The Race Car measures about 8 inches long, showing the driver & mechanic. It is in poor condition, with many holes, wear, soiling, stains, missing felt and missing one of its tie strings."


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