Jun 04 2009

1951 Aerial View of LIMP Right-Of-Way and Edith K’s Home in Melville

In response to a VanderbiltCupRaces "contact us" email from Edith K., a 1935 photo of the Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge over Broad Hollow Bridge in Melville was posted yesterday. As promised, today's post features a 1951 Fairchild aerial of the LIMP ROW east of Broad Hollow Road and, hopefully, a view of Edith P. home in which she was raised.

The LIMP right-of-way can be seen across the top of the photo. The location of the Broad Hollow Bridge (already taken down) is on the left. The campus of the New York State School of Agriculture (now Farmingdale State College) can also be seen on the bottom of the photo.


But, is Edith K'ss home in this aerial view? I emailed it to her and here is her reply:

I certainly can identify our house, including the 1937 Buick Roadmaster (pocket limo) in the drive. In the foto, if you drop a vertical line from the second "s" in "Sisters" you will hit the southeast corner of our house -- my bedroom was on the second floor (our house appears much smaller than I recall). Just to the right of the Buick is our garage... and, moving up to the Sisters of St. Rose "Big House" from our garage, you first come to the old "Yellow Barn"; just east, the "Corn Crib" (Smoke House is not visible); the "New Barn"; the "Chicker Coops", with poultry man's quarters in the building in between. The "mansion" appearing on Ruland Road before the "Big House", was "St. Peter's", a guest house for visiting clergy and well-to-do benefactors. The first of the two houses further up Ruland Road belong to Jimmy and Theresa Ross, and the second to Theresa's mother -- both houser being built from scratch just a few years before. And, way up in the corner along Ruland Road, where it intersects with New HIghway, was the Noheil's farm.

Thanks Edith for your contribution to VanderbiltCupRaces.com !


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