Jul 15 2009

The Racer on the Trailer at Bridgehampton in 1951

Monday's post of the film of 1951 Bridgehampton Races continues to generate comments and questions on multiple racing history boards througout the Internet. As discussed on Tuesday's post, especially intriguing is the the 9-second mark of the film where a futuristic custom-tow-car is hauling a race car in Bridgehamptom. Today, let's explore the racer on the trailer.


Dave Belden of Woodstock, Ct was the first to identify the racer on the Yahoo Racing History Board. "The car on the trailer may be an Effyh F3 car; one of the 500cc bike engined cars that were popular as Europe was recovering from the war."

Cardatabase.net provided the above photo of a Effyh and 500Race.org provides this excellent Effyh profile.


I also spoke to Guy Frost, a Bridgehampton Race historian and an owner of a 1957 Effyh. "That's definitely the EFFYH that Fitch drove on the trailer."

The #77 Effyh driven by John Fitch went on to win the 16-mile Hayground Cup Race for Formula III cars at the 1951 Bridgehampton Races.


Jul 21 2009 jack martin 8:55 AM

to hell with the effyh, what is the tow car???

Aug 04 2009 Tom 9:22 AM

Yes what a picture, great to see. And agree what is the tow car??

Jan 03 2010 Rog Patterson 2:02 PM

My new wife and I attended that ‘51 event and never did see the cars in question tback then.

Don’t know why he’d be trailering John Fitch’s 500cc race car, but that neat looking tow car looks an awful lot like one talk show host Herb Shriner drove round in…there may have been a twin, of course.


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