Dec 01 2010

The Convenor of the Long Island Motor Parkway Panel- Sam Berliner III

Sam Berliner III was the convenor (and father) of the Long Island Motor Parkway Panel . Although Sam and his new bride have moved to Boston, he remains one the strongest advocates for preserving the remnants and the history of the Long Island Motor Parkway. Today's post pays tribute and thanks to Sam III.

Sam's wonderful Long Island Motor Parkway website introduced thousands of people to the history and images of the Long Island Motor Parkway. Following his move, much of the website is currently down. The good news, Sam is in the process of rebuilding it. Here is an example of one page from Sam's new website.


In 2003, Sam provided the history of the Motor Parkway at a Williston Park celebration.


Pat Masterson, Al Velocci and Sam clearing a path on the Motor Parkway in 2006 in Old Bethpage.


Al and Sam discussing the Motor Parkway in Queens with Newsday reporter Bill Bleyer for his article Road to History: Long Island 100 years later.


Sam and Al on top of the Old Courthouse Bridge over the Motor Parkway in Manhasset Hills.


Sam and Al checking out an original wood Motor Parkway post.


Sam sitting on Deadman's Curve in Bethpage.


One of Sam's greatest accomplishments was his efforts concerning the Motor Parkway Trail. On November 2, 2004, Nassau County residents overwhelmingly approved an ENVIRONMENTAL BOND ACT PROGRAM which was a dedicated fund to preserve open space, improve parkland, reduce storm water pollution and cleanup brownfields throughout the County. The County then sought nominations from the community for specific properties and projects to be considered for funding. Sam Berliner and The Motor Parkway Panel responded, submitting a nomination which was eventually approved as the Motor Parkway Trail project. Here is a link to Sam Berliner's 2005 submission.

Sam III, thanks again for your efforts to preserve the Motor Parkway! It is much appreciated.

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Dec 05 2010 Art K. 12:26 AM

Thanks to Sam I’ve enjoyed many, many hours of enjoyment reading about,learning about and experiencing the Long Island Motor Parkway on my own (i.e., by way of miles of travels on bike and foot, crawling through brush, putting up with thorn bushes, ripped clothes, etc.) but loving it all!  Sam’s website was invaluable in helping uncover a part of Long Island I never knew existed.
Thanks, Sam.  And thanks Howard for honoring Sam this way.

Dec 05 2010 Pat Masterson 10:38 AM

While I now live in florida, I fondly remember those many LIMP explorations we would do on friday mornings. Sam was such a powerful leader in the early days, and infused so many of us to work towards the LIMP preservation status that we have today. Thanks to Sam, and you too, Howard, for all the wonderful work you do,  -pat

Dec 06 2010 Brian D McCarthy 1:40 PM

A very nice way to commend Mr. Berliner. I became a huge fan of his website in the late 1990’s. You could see how very dedicated he is to the LIMP as a whole. His main website covers LIRR history and other areas of interest as well. I remember getting to meet him at the Bethpage library, Mr. Robert Miller was conducting a slide show for the LIMP. It was a good experience to talk to him and others with mutual interests.


Brian D McCarthy

Dec 20 2010 S. (Sam) Berliner, III 9:54 AM

Howard, Art, Pat,and Brian (and so many others); thank you all so much for your kind words.  It’s been great fun and I’ve met and worked with great people.  It is so very rewarding to see the ongoing progress; keep it going!  Blame it all on Bob Miller, who I’ve known since around 1960; he inveigled me into attending an early lecture he was giving on some old road called the Motor Parkway.  What is NOT fun, though, is painstakingly restoring each of my 485+ web pages, although I’ve made some big advances here and there.  Of the ~50 LIMP pages, 10 are done and I’ll speed things up.  Better yet, I found an e-trove of old pix (including the first set in the tangle at BSP!) and think I can now retrieve the long-lost really old ones.  So, please bear with me; we’ll get there.  Sam, III

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