Oct 18 2014

Three Days at the Hershey Region AACA Meet

It was a memorable three days last week in Hershey, Pennsylvania.


Howard Kroplick


Thousands of vendors at the swap meet.


The book signing at the Society of Automotive Historians tent resulted in $$350 in contributions for Child Abuse Prevention Services.

With my fellow authors.

The Kissmobile at the AACA National Museum.

The three Tuckers of the Cammack Collection.

The RM Auction at the Hershey Lodge.


AACA Hershey Fall Meet

Kirk Gibson's 1907 Renault Vanderbilt Racer.

Chrysler's Chrysler drew a big crowd.

Chrysler's Chrysler was awarded a National First Prize in its class. The automobile was also selected for consideration of a national award to be presented at the AACA Annual Awards Banquet to be held in Febrauary 2015 in Philadelphia.

Howard and John after an exciting three days.


Oct 19 2014 Walt Gosden 8:48 AM

Hershey was great , and it is wonderful to know that your Chrysler won a first Junior Award and is being considered for a national AACA award! Bravo! Thanks Howard for coming by my flea market space and spending some time, your promotion to people walking by of the NOS turn signals from 1921 that I had for sale did wonders, and over the four days I was there I sold a total of 99 of them. Hershey is always a memorable event and with the clear weather this year was just about perfect.

Oct 19 2014 Ted 7:51 PM

It certainly was a memorable and rewarding 3 days at Hershey and you still have the AACA awards banquet to go to yet. Great pictures

Oct 22 2014 Tom 2:02 PM

Enjoyed the pictures, couldn’t make it this year.  Congrats Howard!

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