May 08 2012

The “Golfway” Motor Parkway Bridge in East Williston

My favorite co-author Al Velocci has identified this rare photo of a Motor Parkway bridge provided by Bob Valentine.

A total of 65 bridges were built by the Motor Parkway from 1908 to 1931 including; parkway bridges (Motor Parkway was on top of the bridge), highway bridges (Motor Parkway went under the bridge) and  farmway bridges (Motor Parkway connected adjoining farmland). However, there was only one "golfway" Motor Parkway bridge.


Howard Kroplick

This is a March 1909 Motor Parkway survey of the East Williston section from my collection. The Motor Parkway purchased 68.114 acres of the William Titus farm in order to build the road through this section. As part of the purchase, the Motor Parkway was required to build a farmway bridge to connect the western and eastern sections of the farm. The Wheatley Hills Golf Club was established in 1913 as the Midland Golf Club with the old Titus house as the clubhouse.

This 1928 aerial shows the Wheatley Hills Golf Club and the farmway bridge.

The divided Wheatley Hills Golf Club as seen in this 1940 map.

Thanks Al and Bob!! Honored with Two Webby Awards


May 08 2012 Joe Oesterle 4:33 AM

Once again, awesome job.  Do we know when the golf course removed this bridge?

May 09 2012 Scott S. 11:54 PM

I grew up ‘just’ southwest of the intersection of Hillside Ave and Guinea Woods Rd (a.k.a. Glen Cove Rd) in the area just below the little blue dot of water on the 1940’s map… and until this website came along I had no idea the LIMP went right past my house! It’s incredible that my street and housing development aren’t even on the map (I think my house was built in the 50’s), very neat! Thank you!

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