Dec 11 2018

The Salvation Army Hotel Being Moved Down Clinton Road in Garden City in 1928

Garden City Village Historian Bill Bellmer has forwarded this 1928 aerial showing the same area as last Friday's Mystery Foto from the viewpoint looking north.


Howard Kroplick

Bill Bellmer: Mystery photo #49 was difficult. This aerial mainly depicts the Salvation Army Hotel move down Clinton Road. It shows the Hazelhurst Field barracks configuration north of the Motor Parkway before it was removed to build the Old Westbury Golf Club (initially the Intercollegiate Golf Club) on that location.

The photo also answers the "bonus question", that there was a water tower north of the area at Curtiss Airfield that was the photographer viewpoint. 

The chimney in the distance is part of the Curtiss facility. The date is in the 1920s, as most of Camp Mills has been removed, and the Golf Club was built in 1925.
Most of the aerials I have show the scene with the Golf Club in place. I don't know why this part of the airfield was sold off - does anyone?
This is the only photo I have that shows the early Curtiss buildings in the distance.


Note the water tower.

Clinton Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge, the General Manager's first office and the Garden City Lodge.

Great view of the Curtis Engineering complex.

According to this 1918 Camp Mills map, the buildings on the far right made up the quarantine section of Camp Mills. #26 was the location of the Salvation Army Hotel. Courtesy of Bill Bellmer.

The Salvation Army Hotel was located in the current location of the Stewart School.

The former Salvation Army Hotel buildings are now located on Washington Avenue and Lincoln Bouleard in Hempstead. Courtesy of Bill Bellmer.


Dec 12 2018 Steve Lucas 2:24 PM

Regarding Bill’s question about the removal of the Hazelhurst barracks, I don’t know for sure but it might be possible that the Army already had plans for extensive military housing at Mitchell Field.

Dec 12 2018 Brian D McCarthy 8:26 PM

Excellent image and captures, Bill.

Dec 14 2018 Howard Kroplick 9:28 AM

Village Historian Bill Bellmer has added a photo of the former Salvation Army Hotel as it stands today as apartments in Hempstead.

Dec 14 2018 frank femenias 9:45 AM

Amazing a 3-storied structure can be rolled away just like that, and then later moved again to Hempstead! Thanks for sharing these Bill.

Dec 16 2018 Al Velocci 11:41 AM

HI Bill, Regarding the sale of property to the golf course.  The Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Co. on June 10, 1925, sold off the 110 acre parcel to the Intercollegiate Golf Club for $232,780 taking back a $200,000 mortgage. I’m assuming, based on the large mortgage, they had no plans to expand the airfield and the property was simply unneeded. On March 1, 1928 Intercollegiate sold the property to Golf Associates. On June 1, that same year they sold the golf course to the Old Westbury Golf Club. By the end of 1932, the club closed and the property was sold off to the Clearview Golf and Yacht Club. (They were looking for a new location as the City of New York purchased their club for $940,000) They never re-opened the golf course and in 1942 they sold the property to a Walter Haber. In 1950 the property was acquired by Webb & Knpp who already owned the 250 acre Roosevelt Field. Al.

Dec 16 2018 Gary Monti 1:32 PM

In the far distance of the photo, to the North,  are the hangars of Curtiss Field. Curtiss Field was renamed and incorporated one year later as the eastern section of Roosevelt Field.

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