Mar 01 2017

The Oldest Porcelain Road Signs in the United States Posted by the Long Island Automobile Club

Just months after being founded in October 1900, the Long Island Automobile Club posted 20" x9" porcelain road signs on the major Long Island roads. Each blue and white sign included the club's name and directions to the nearest village(s).

In the early 1980s, Long Islander Jim Fitchett discovered several of these rare historic signs on a North Shore estate. Considered highly collectible as the oldest known porcelain road signs in the United States, these signs, many from the Fitchett collection, are valued at $750 and higher, depending on their condition.


Howard Kroplick

Old Cars Weekly, January 5, 1984

This Glen Cove sign was obtained by Jim Fitchett on July 30, 1983 from Henry Austin Clark, Jr. Courtesy of Ian Zwerdling.

Anyone want to venture a guess where this Roslyn road sign may have been located?


Mar 02 2017 Michael LaBarbera 11:44 AM

Sea Cliff ? Just a guess. Congrats on the Tucker !!

Mar 02 2017 Dave Russo 6:21 PM

I wonder what Gold Coast estate these signs were found in? Anyone know?

As far as location how about on the corner of northern blvd and glen cove road?

Mar 03 2017 frank femenias 1:59 AM

Difficult, Roslyn is more that 2mi. away from Glen Cove today. Old days may have been different. Best guess is Glenwood Rd facing west (sign facing east) and Glen Cove Ave (2.14mi.) in Glenwood Landing,

Mar 05 2017 eric 8:38 AM

northeast corner of 25A and Glen Cove Road.

Mar 05 2017 richard weir 1:20 PM

Intersection of Glen Cove/Greenvale highway and Glen Cove Avenue in Greenvale.
I too would love to know the estate where these wonderful road signs were found.

Mar 06 2017 Roger Monfett 8:55 PM

Two or the Long Island Automobile Club signs were 12 in by 20 inch. These were the signs with 3 towns listed. One he’d the towns: Locust Valley, Glen Cove, and Bayville. The other had Locust Valley, Glen Cove, and Lattingtown on it.

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