Dec 30 2011

The New Home Page on

Features of the new Home Page of Enlarge the image by clicking on it::

Header (Appears on every page of

- Home Page Return: Click on the "Vanderbilt Cup Races" logo on any page of the website and you will return to the Home Page. - Tabs: Direct links to the Blog, races, Long Island Motor Parkway, the Alco Black Beast, calendar of events, a gallery of over 5,000 images, a gallery of 105 films and videos, a brand new Forum, information about the website, search function, books by Howard Kroplick and a complimentary newsletter subscription . -Social Media Buttons: Follow via a RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter.

"From the Blog" section

Under the most current post, links to four other earlier posts are provided. More information on the new Blog post format. Links to posts' categories and tags are also provided.

"The Races" Section

This section provides direct links to specific information on the Vanderbilt Cup Races and its associated sweepstakes, drivers and cars. A featured race, driver and car are highlighted. Links to the race years and galleries of all drivers and cars that participated in the Vanderbilt Cup Races

"Upcoming Events" Section

Links to relevant upcoming events. "View All" links to a calendar of all events.

"Featured Film" Section

One film or video posted on is randomly selected for viewing. "View All" links to a gallery of 105 films and videos (as of January 25, 2012).

"Featured Photo" Section

On image from is randomly selected. "View All" links to a gallery of over 5,000 images. An image search function is under development.

"Footer" (Appears on every page of

The footer on every page of the website features links to the most recent comments. Long Island information is available for: -car clubs. A directory of 68 cars clubs is currently under construction. - vintage car of the week -view live traffic cameras in Queens, Manhattan and Long Island -location of red-light cameras in Nassau and Suffolk Counties -7-Day weather forecast

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Jan 30 2012 David Traver Adolphus 9:42 AM

Looking good! Much more readable and navigable. Congratulations.

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