Mar 14 2015

The Motor Way 1906: “How the Vanderbilt Cup Was Won By a French Car’

The Vanderbilt Cup Races made headlines in newspapers and automobile trade journals throughout the United States. The October 11, 1906 issue of The Motor Way featured a 12-page cover story on the 1906 race including these images and illustrations.


Howard Kroplick

"Phenomenal snapshot portraits of the driver who were beaten by Wagner. The Motor Way page is not deep enough to present that of any other "also rans."

"Clement and Allesi in Clement-Bayard".

Vincenzo Lancia at the starting line on Jericho Turnpike.

Hairpin Turn in Old Westbury

"Joe Tracy impeded by the crowd"

"Albert Clement slows down for a sharp turn."


"Duray rounding a sharp turn with the (Lorraine)-Dietrich."

"Jenatzy on his last lap."

"The Darracq cheered at the grand stand."

The Story of the Vanderbilt Cup Race by Laps

"Exhaust side Darracq motor"

As noted by Sam Berliner III, the two Darracq captions may have been incorrectly switched by The Motor Way.

"Inlet side Darracq motor"

"Spectators flocking from the stand to the course."

"The End of the Season, or- There She Goes Again!"


Mar 15 2015 S. Berliner, III 2:27 PM

LOVE those caricatures!  You have the Exha(u)st and Inlet side pix of the Darraq motor swapped.  Sam, III

Mar 16 2015 frank femenias 2:13 AM

Ditto SamIII!

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