Mar 26 2012

Hagerty: The Making of “Bullitt”

My fellow Mustang enthusiast Bruce Kafenbaum has forwarded this Hagerty article "Filming the Frisco  Flyers" documenting the making of Steve McQueen's Bullitt.

Check out the article and these highlights of one of the greatest car chases ever filmed.




Howard Kroplick


Apr 01 2012 Peter Papademetriou/SAAC 7:20 AM

Still love it! The BluRay edition is worth adding to your collection.
How many ‘67 ‘Stangs were built for “Bullitt”? How many oil pans were sheared off??!?

Apr 01 2012 James 8:29 AM

Bullitt also has one of the best soundtracks ever…by the famous Lalo Schifrin. Consider it a prelude to his work on Dirty Harry. BUT…the ultimate genius of both Schifrin and McQueen is the subtle fact that the entire car chase is witnessed without any hint of music other than the sound of the cars.

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