Feb 14 2012

The Only Known Existing S.P.O. Automobile

Among the historic cars owned by Rick Rawlins of California is the only known S.P.O. automobile (Société Francaise de Petit Outillage of Clinchy, France). Rick has forwarded photos of his raceabout to compare with my one photo of a S.P.O. taken at the 1910 Wheatley Sweepstakes.


Howard Kroplick

This is the #49 S.P.O. entered by the S.P.O. Automobile Company of New York, NY in the 1910 Wheatley Sweepstakes. The S.P.O. was operated by driver John Juhasz and mechanician Joe Melzer. The car finished 5th of the 8 cars that participated in the race that was held in conjunction with the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Rick Rawlins: "This is my car in the barn of previous owner James Melton's barn in 1930." Rick Rawlins: "This a my car from a 1942 Life magazine article on James Melton." The S.P.O. on the road today. Rick Rawlins: "The car in the 1910 photo could very well be my car as the hood latches, rivets etc. are in the same places. My car has a Juhasz carburetor on it which was made by the Wheatley Hills driver John Juhasz. Is there any chance that it could be the Wheatley Hills Sweepstakes car?" Thanks Rick for sharing photos of your magnificent S.P.O. Does anyone have other photos of the #49 S.P.O to help determine whether Rick's car is the Wheatley racer?

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Feb 15 2012 Richard A. Salamon 1:03 AM

I started a topic about one year ago.I hope I could help to you


Feb 15 2012 Howard Kroplick 9:09 AM

Hi Richard:

Wonderful information on S.P.O. Thanks!

Feb 19 2012 Richard A. Salamon 3:48 AM

John Juhasz hungarian name was Juhász János.Until this time I don’t have any info for him,because a very common family name is Juhász(e.g. my wife’s family name too!)

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