Feb 20 2018

Henry Ford Museum 1966 Program: Sports Cars in Review

The cover of the 1966 program for the Sports Cars in Review exhibition at the Henry Ford Museum featured specially commissioned artwork by Peter Helck. It featured Helck's 1921 Benz-Mercedes "Rabbit-the First" and a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR.

Here are nine automobiles in the 1966 exhibit including the 1921 Benz-Mercedes.

Besides the Helck racer (Jay Len's Garage), does anyone know the location of these unique automobiles?


Howard Kroplick

Nine Automobiles on Exhibit

This 1966 Mustang was built by Dearborn Steel Tubing, the creator of the Mustang III Concept Show Car.


Feb 25 2018 Hugh 1:59 AM

As teenagers we went to the Sports Car Review at the Ford Museum in the mid 1950s. It was a pet project of Benson and Wm. Clay Ford. The Mercedes 300 SLR was displayed on the back of the blue MB car hauler. Eventually the Mercedes Museum wanted the hauler back but gave the Ford Museum the 300 SLR you see on the 1966 Program cover. The 1956 4.9L Ferrari was at the 1956 SCR. I can remember it passing me on US 10 when returning from a sports car race in Grayling Michigan in 1957 - about blew the windows out of the Chevy sedan I was driving when he hit 4th gear. Those were the days when race cars were driven to the track and back. One of the Alfa BATs was on display back then, too.

Jan 12 2019 Kelly Williams 3:40 PM

Rabbit The First was in the Bob Bahre collection a few years ago.

Mar 06 2019 Jon Rice 2:10 PM

I don’t know about it ever being in the Bob Bahre collection. It was in the collection of an aquaintance of mine from at least 1985 until it was sold to leno. I have a photo taken of another collection car with Rabbit in the background circa 2011. I have heard it run. You don’t forget that…

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