Aug 27 2018

Update: #3: The Five Tuckers Participating in the 2018 Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance

Five of the 12 Tuckers selected for the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance participated in Thursday's challenging Tour d'Elegance.

Update #2: has posted a historic photo of two Tuckers passing on US 1 during the Tour. Tucker 1044 is on the left and Tucker 1015 is on the right.


Howard Kroplick

Please forward any photos of Tucker 1044 on the Tour to [email protected]

Tucker 1044

The Tucker 1044 Team

For the Tour, Tucker 1044 had whitewalls. At Sunday's Concours, Tucker 1044 was switched to the factory correct blackwalls.

Tucker 1044 at the Start. Submitted by James Ryan.

Tucker 1044 approaching yet another hill.

Tucker 1044 (left) and Tucker 1015 (right). This may be the only photo of two Tuckers paasing each other on a road. Kudos to!

A view of Tucker 1044 as seen from Tucker 1015.

At the 55-mile mark of the Tour,

Tucker 1015

Tucker 1044 (left) and Tucker 1015 (right). This historic photo is courtesy of

Tucker 1030

Tucker 1031 (left) and Tucker 1049 (right)

Tucker 1031

Tucker 1049


Aug 25 2018 Walt Gosden 10:05 PM

Absolutely wonderful, my friend. LOVE THE COLOR!!!!

Aug 25 2018 Scott Alexander 11:03 PM

Howard, best of luck at Pebble Beach, I can wait to see 1044 in person. A better honor couldn’t happen to a better keeper of automotive history. Enjoy the trip! I hope to attend this show some day as spectator, it’s on my bucket list!
All the best !
Scott & Vicki Alexander

Aug 26 2018 ken wiebke 1:20 AM

Seems PB is turning out to be great fun   Look forward to hearing about the drive and how 1044 peerformed. vs the other Tuckers.  ..Wonder too about the significance of the numbers e.g.  does the owner of Tucker number 1008 have more prestige than owner number 1009 if I may ask.  Enjoy yourself!  .

Aug 26 2018 LMK 11:02 AM

Looking really fit and ready….

Aug 26 2018 S. Berliner, III 4:32 PM

Ken’s typo, “peerformed” is actually quite apt!  5 0f 12 peers.  Guess we’re ALL on tenterhooks.  Break a leg!  Sam, III

Aug 27 2018 Richard Rosenblum 10:47 AM

These photos are absolutely terrific!  An unforgettable week at Pebble!

Aug 27 2018 Howard Kroplick 8:36 PM

James Ryan has forwarded a photo of Tucker 1044 at the start of the Tour.

Aug 28 2018 Howard Kroplick 10:23 AM has posted a historic photo of Tucker 1044 and Tucker 1015 passing each other on the Tour.

Aug 28 2018 S. Berliner, III 10:47 AM

What an incredible shot (CNCPICS)!  At first glance, it’s heart-stopping!  Hope Howard and 1015 were going slowly (TWO hands on the wheel, Howard!).  Shades of the early Motor Parkway - no divider and narrow roadway!  [BTW - in RR parlance, they are “meeting” (facing), not “passing” (overtaking).]  Sam, III

Aug 28 2018 LMK 11:03 AM

YEAH !!!

Aug 28 2018 Terri Coppens 1:03 PM

Absolutely LOVE the shot by CNCPics of our Tucker 1015 and Tucker 1044 “meeting”!  It was such a great experience to be a part of!

Aug 28 2018 frank femenias 10:54 PM

The capture of those Tuckers meeting is as close to a time machine as possible, in full color! Nice work by all!

Aug 29 2018 Howard Kroplick 10:38 AM

Update #3: A view of Tucker 1044 shot from Tucker 1015 has been added.

Aug 29 2018 S. Berliner, III 10:52 AM

Just noticed the background of the “Team” photo (beware men with beards!); sure looks like one of only 35 Packard Darrin convertible Victorias built from 1937 to 1942 at the right.  That’s even rarer than the Tuckers!  Heady company, indeed.  Sam, III

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