Jun 16 2015

Chrysler’s Chrysler Honored at The Elegance at Hershey

Chrysler's Chrysler was honored last Sunday at The Elegance at Hershey as the "Most Elegant American Closed Pre-war."

Below is a newsclip featuring Chrysler's Chrysler on the local Hershey Fox television channel:


Classic cars ride into Hershey


Posted 10:25 PM, June 14, 2015, by Julie Stank

DERRY TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY – Hershey is known to be sweet, but this weekend, it is elegant!

One of a kind cars lined the gardens at the Hotel Hershey.

“The Elegance at Hershey” is a 3 day event for car lovers!

It brings about 5,000 people the area each year.

This year featured more than 70 of the rarest and most famous collection on four wheels.

It also included automotive art displays and wine tastings.

However, organizers say the best part is definitely the cars.

Member of the board of directors for “The Elegance at Hershey”, Mark Lizewskie says, “We have some one of a kind cars, some of them you have never even seen before.  We have Frank Sinatra’s Maserati here, we have the Goldfinger Aston Marton from James Bond here, we have the Marx Brothers Mercedes from 1928 here.  We’ve got some really fantastic cars.  We even have Mrs. Chrysler’s Chrysler here.”

Mrs. Chrysler’s Chrysler is said to be the first car with spring loaded power windows.

Donations made at the event will go toward 3 charities, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Chrysler's Chrysler Highlights

Each of the 70 cars was described in the program guide.

The Chrysler's Chrysler team: Howard, Roz, John and Dotty.

The car show was held in the beautiful gardens of the Hotel Hershey.

Leigh Keno checking out the tiger maple module.

The very unique trophy for "Most Elegant American Closed Pre-war."


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