Apr 04 2018

The “Damsel” Who Helped Design the Interior of the Tucker ‘48

Meredith Jaffe has forwarded  information on Audrey Moore Hodges, who helped design the interior of the Tucker '48 automobile. Hodges was recently profiled in a new book by Constance A. Smith Damsels in Design.


Howard Kroplick

Author Constance A. Smith has recently written "Damsels in Design" profiling women pioneers in the automotive industry from 1939 to 1959.

You can meet Constance Smith on Thursday at the AACA GNYR meeting at 8:00 pm  at the American Legion Hall in Williston Park.

Among the designers profiled by Constance Smith is Audrey Moore Hodges  (1918-1996) who helped design the interior of the Tucker '48. Hodges was interviewed in 1985 at the Henry Ford Museum.



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