Aug 02 2017

The Cyclops Eye of the Tucker ‘48 Automobiles

The most distinguishable feature of the Tucker '48 automobile was its Cyclops Eye. This third headlight moved with the steering wheel to light the path around corner.

When the pilot production Tucker '48s were introduced in 1948, seventeen states had laws that prohibited automobiles with more than two headlights. Tucker produced a cover for the Cyclops Eye for use in those states.


Howard Kroplick

This is how Tucker promoted the Cyclops Eye in their sales brochures.

This video "Tucker '48 #1044 Goes for a Drive" by Dee Oreiro documented the working Cyclops headlight.


Aug 07 2017 Steve 9:52 AM

Really need a better video of the headlight. Just can’t see it moving in this Vid :(

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