Oct 03 2018

The Classic Car Magazine Cover Story: “A Chrysler for the Mrs.”

The Classic Car, official magazine of the Classic Car Club of America, featured a cover article on Chrysler's Chrysler in the Fall 2018 issue.


Howard Kroplick

Gwynne McDevitt, granddaughter of Walter P. Chrysler

Gwynne McDevitt and her son Frank Rhoades, Jr.


Oct 07 2018 Laura and Kenneth Harris 9:26 AM

Nice presentation—thanks


Oct 07 2018 mark schaier 7:13 PM

In reading the article a mentioning of the engine ‘324-cid V-8’ really? an error, straight eight!

Howard Kroplick

Good catch!

Oct 07 2018 Joseph Indusi 9:04 PM

The text for the 1938 Chrysler Limosine built for Mrs. Walter Chrysler states the engine is a 324 cubic inch V-8, but I think that is an error as I think the engine is probably a flat head straight eight.  Otherwise a great article and congratulations to Howard.
Howard Kroplick

Good catch Joe!

Oct 27 2018 Chris Osborne 1:22 PM

Wonderful!  I exhibit my art at CCCA annual gathering at the Gilmore in Mich each year (invited with 10 artists).  Great club, the Classics are my favorites.

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