Jan 10 2015

The Spectacular 1936 Long Island Motor Parkway Flyover

In June 1936, two airplanes from the aerial survey company Braman & Johnson conducted a flyover over Long Island. The result was this amazing photo  of the Long Island Motor Parkway and the Hempstead Plains.


Howard Kroplick

The Motor Parkway  and the Bloomingdale Road Motor Parkway Bridge.

The Bloomingdale Road Motor Parkway Bridge during the 1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes.

The Wantagh Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in Central Park (Bethpage).

A car accident below the bridge.

The Motor Parkway east of Massapequa-Hicksville Road. Note the trees on the perimeter of the road.


Jan 11 2015 George 9:25 AM

The aerial photos make you realize how fast history and farmland can disappear, and how important it is to save the open spaces of the North Fork.

Jan 11 2015 Ted 12:15 PM

You are so right about that George. Where did all that time go?, and how fast the land developed.

Jan 11 2015 Thomas Gotard 1:53 PM

Noticed a very unusual radio antenna mounted behind the pilot. For a biplane of that type it seems to tall for a antenna.

Jan 11 2015 S. Berliner, III 5:48 PM

No fair!  A flyover in automotive parlance is a grade-separated (over-and-under) road crossing, which, of course, is what I expected to find, probably in conjunction with the Roosevelt racecourse accesses!  Not that I’m in any way disappointed with THIS kind of flyover.  Thanks once again, Howard.  Sam, III

Jan 11 2015 frank femenias 11:28 PM

Great! never before seen shots of the LIMP from above. I’m all ears and eyes to these newbies. Thanks Howard for these rare instances. These must’ve been hard to obtain considering the limited resources back then.

Jan 12 2015 Michael LaBarbera 8:35 AM

Hempstead Turnpike at Wantagh Avenue thru 107 is what catches my eye. I’m sure the Good Shepard Lutheran Church is right between on the south side, although its hard to see.  Theres got to be more pictures from this flyover.  Great photo !

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