Jun 23 2018

Take a Test Ride In the Alco Black Beast

Earlier this month, the fan belt bracket of the Alco Black Beast broke and damaged the radiator. After 21 days on the disabled list, the Beast has been repaired with a temporary electic fan and will participate in tomorrow's Wheels Through Time event in Port Washington.

Take a  test ride with the Alco Black Beast down Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park:


Howard Kroplick

The temporary electric fan.

Fill her up, Sam!


Jun 24 2018 Meredith 8:22 AM

Great drive! I wonder what the guys at Mavis Discount Tire thought as the Alco sped by???

Jun 24 2018 Rich 11:18 AM

I bet a few drivers and pedestrians thought they entered the Twilight Zone!  What was the total distance you drove from start to finish? 
Howard Kroplick

I believe we did about 4 miles.

Jun 24 2018 Ronald Sieber 12:02 PM

A sunny day and a speedster. Doesn’t get much better, Howard! =: ]

Jun 24 2018 Brian D McCarthy 8:02 PM

Last image is the best!

Jun 26 2018 Larry Trepel 2:26 PM

Nothing like driving a classic in such beautiful surroundings.

Jun 30 2018 Art Kleiner 3:49 PM

Glad to see the Beast roars again!  Great work!

Jul 08 2018 Tom 7:56 PM

Lucky people that saw it go down the road!!

Aug 18 2018 R Troy 11:17 PM

A while back the fan belt on my Packard 243 wore out.  I got a new belt; however, the adjustable water pump (adjusts to fit the belt) was frozen!  I didn’t get to do the work myself, Gaslite had the pleasure!  I suppose that changing fan belts once every several decades shouldn’t get someone upset.

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