Dec 18 2018

Surveyor Clinton Robertson Photo Album: The Construction Equipment of the Long Island Motor Parkway


In the fifth of the photo series from surveyor Clinton A. Robertson's recently discovered construction album, the equipment used to build the Motor Parkway is featured.

Clinton A. Robertson's Long Island Motor Parkway Construction Photo Album
 While working as a surveyor on the Long Island Motor Parkway in 1908 and 1909, Clinton A. Robertson (above) documented the Motor Parkway construction  and his fellow workers with his trusty camera. Lost for 109 years, Robertson's photo scrapbook with 84 amazing images of the Motor Parkway was recently purchased for $20 in a New Jersey flea market and resold on Ebay for over $3,000.

Howard Kroplick


Dec 20 2018 Brian D McCarthy 4:31 PM

Great images as always!

Dec 20 2018 frank femenias 6:26 PM

Love these old photos, each unique with its own story to tell for generations to come. Could the second photo be the longest bridge over Central Ave, Bethpage? The girder appears the correct length compared to other images of the bridge

Dec 22 2018 Rich 10:09 PM

These construction photos are incredible!

Dec 23 2018 S. Berliner, III 12:20 AM

Frank - looks just as much like the Mineola Main Line bridge or the Roslyn/Williston Oyster Bay Branch bridge - see <>.  We’d have to count ribs or girders.  Sam, III

Dec 23 2018 LMK 10:12 AM

Enjoying these photos….

Thanks !

Dec 23 2018 Kenneth Harris 2:48 PM

Very nice—thanks


Dec 25 2018 Joseph DeBono 3:42 AM

These pictures are amazing - very nice

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