Nov 06 2010

From the Robertson Family Files: George Robertson’s Red Cross Career

The following email and documents have been received from Peter H. Shriver, the grandson of George Robertson, winner of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race.

Peter Shriver: Howard, we met at your presentation on the 1908 Vanderbilt cup race which my Grandfather won. I have recently been sent some background information on his life and thought I would pass it along to you. Best wishes and thanks again for all your dedication to the races! Peter

This is a pdf of the Red Cross documents forwarded by Peter Shriver. It provides excellent documentation of George Robertson's life from 1884 to 1921. Highlights include:

An April 1921 Red Cross Transportation Bulletin announces the resignation of Major George H. Robertson as the Red Cross' Director of the Department of Transportation:

"Major Robertson's reason for resigning was due to his realization that he had successfully accomplished the enormous task of moving thousands of tons of material to all parts of Europe and the Near East, the keeping in running condition of hundreds of motor driven vehicles...

In accepting Robertson's letter of resignation, Robert Olds, the Red Cross Commissioner to Europe, acknowledged his valuable services:

"...I have the deepest appreciation of the service which you have rendered the American Red Cross during the past two years. Your department has made a magnificent showing under most difficult and trying conditions and I feel that you are not only to be congratulated but deserve the thanks of the entire organization both at home and abroad.

A document provides the April 30, 1921 resignation letter from George Robertson to "all members of the Transportation Department:

"I wish all of you everything that is good for the future, and I hope that your association with this Department, and with the Red Cross, will be a source of pleasant recollection to you, as it will be to me, in the years to come."

A press release "Transportation Department Bide Major Robertson Goodbye at Farewell Dinner" included a poem that sunned up "our love for our chief and our sorrow at his departure".

George's Robertson's profile from 1884 to 1921 is also provided in the pdf describing his many racing achievements and decorations including; the Chevalier de la Legion D'Honneur, France's highest decoration.

Thank you Peter for providing this information on your grandfather and your contributions to!

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