Nov 20 2010

LI Business News “LI Votes for a Race Track” & Film “LI Drag Racing”

The Long Island Business News published a November 19, 2010 article on the results of their poll on "What to do with the EPCAL property at Calverton now that a proposed ski mountain has suffered a meltdown". Note: The accompanying image with the article shows a Calverton logo on a NASCAR track.

Long Island Business News: Left turns, by LIBN Staff, Published: November 19, 2010

Record traffic at the LIBN online poll this week as we asked readers what to do with the EPCAL property at Calverton now that a proposed ski mountain has suffered a meltdown.

The first rush came from motor sports enthusiasts, who blasted us for not including an auto sports option as part of the poll. Once that was fixed, it was, well, off to the races, as the Long Island Motorsports Association used its online forum to get out the vote. Almost 2,000 hits later, we have a winner: 84 percent said build a darn track already.

Developing a casino on the property was a distant second, garnering a paltry 5 percent. Some sort of Disney World Long Island drew just 4 percent.

The motor sports enthusiasts, by the way, didn’t just vote, they commented in record numbers, too.

“Motorsports … promotes heritage, history and family ties and memories,” noted George Stamatiadi, one of the dozens of motorheads to weigh in. “It will generate tons of money and maybe even keep some of the kids away from drugs, gambling and street racing.”

Listen up, Riverhead.

Long Island Business News Poll: With the ski mountain project all but dead, what should Riverhead do with the EPCAL land?

Final results: 84% of the 1,850 people who voted selected "Build a motorsports complex", followed by "Build a casino" (5%), "Open Disney World Long Island"(4%), "Create a sports complex with a new home for the Islanders" (3%), "Turn it into an airport (2%), "Build an equestrian complex"(2%) and "Build another mall" (0%). Over 70 comments were posted.

The Long Island Business News article also posted this 7-minute film on drag racing on Long Island:


Nov 22 2010 Howard Kroplick 12:10 AM

From Annette P: Thank you for this newsletter, I read it along with my husband.

I would be in favor of a motorsports complex. My husband was one of the last groups to take the Skip Barber racing course at Bridgehampton. So much history there!  Whenever he races it’s such a schlep.

Our favorite racetrack is Lime Rock..I think those making this decision should look to that racetrack and see how well they work with the community and it IS beautiful up there. The revenue alone would help Long Island economy and perhaps help out local merchants ( restaurants, hotels, tanger, etc).

I sincerely hope the decision for this property is something unique and not another stupid mall.

best wishes

Nov 22 2010 Linda Jones 8:20 AM

Howard, thank you for the Newsletter - What a great idea! It’s the perfect place because of Long Island’s extensive Motorsports history -

Our company Gilbert Art has been involved in three Concours d’Elegance in Bridghampton and created the original art for the last Event Program Cover in 2007 - we have always hoped for a revival of premier car racing in LI -

Of course the track should be built to host F1, Indy, Nascar, Concour’s and Vintage road races - this will attract the largest possible fan base from New England to FLorida -

Plus it would need to host winter events, such as Arts & Culture programs beyond sports - and it should become an active and interested entity in the concerns and aspirations of the local communities

Finally, it will need to attract the diversity of urban demographics - including people of color women, seniors, and the digital natives - 

FYI - In 2011, the city of Baltimore will host an IZOD Indycar race - a good start in attracting an east coast urban population -

I’m sure the planners will consider the expertise of the preeminent racetrack designer - Architect,Paxton Waters in Carmel, Indiana - 317 566 8332 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thanks again Howard - keep me in the loop -

Linda Jones
President, The Gilbert Art Group, Inc.

Nov 22 2010 James Spina 9:25 AM

The rich heritage of Long Island and motorsport is now all but forgotten. The idea to REV UP the East End again would be amazing!
I saw my first race ever at Bridgehampton and IT was the root of my current fascination and fixation for CARS.

Nov 26 2010 M. Johnson (Long Island Motorsports Association) 11:27 AM

This is the update from our efforts

  Please join and remember spread the word & stay united…

Apr 10 2014 Howard Degenhardt 9:23 PM

I won my class with my 1957 Corvette drag racing 1/4 mile on the front straightaway at Bridgehampton Raceway NY. It was a sanctioned race, & yet it is never mentioned in the history of that great track.
There was no return Shute back to the pits, so we had to run around the whole track to
get back to the pits, & the trophy stand. That was as much fun as winning my class trophy.

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