Apr 03 2010

A Request from the Son of the Winner of the First Motor Parkway Race: Herb Lytle

Dick, it would be my pleasure and honor! Herb Lytle participated in more races associated with the Vanderbilt Cup Races than any other driver. As a result, I have over 50 quality images of Herb Lytle. Here are some of my favorites:

During the period of 1904 to 1910, there were 17 races associated with the Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island; the six Vanderbilt Cup Races (1904, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1909, and 1910), two American Elimination Trials (1905 and 1906), and nine Sweepstakes Races (1908-5 races, 1909-2 races, 1910-2 races). Since the Sweepstake races were held simultaneously , the maximum number of races that any driver could participate in was nine. Herb Lytle (July 9, 1874 to March 7, 1932) competed in 6 of the 9 possible races capturing one win, one second place and one third place.

1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race


Herb Lytle at the starting line with his 24-HP #6 Pope-Toledo


In a surprise, the Pope-Toledo was running in third place when the race was called.

1905 American Elimination Trial


Two Pope-Toledos were entered in the 1905 American Elimination Trial to determine the five American cars that would compete in the Vanderbilt Cup Race.The entire Pope-Toledo Team can be seen here posing prior to the race. Herb Lytle was sitting on the stoop, third from the right.


Herb Lytle and the #12 Pope-Toledo at the starting line. Although the car finished a disappointing ninth, it was one of the five cars selected to compete in the Vanderbilt Cup Race.

1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race


A description of Lytle's #15 Pope-Toledo in the 1905 official program. Note the spelling of "Lyttle".


Lytle and mechanician Jack Tattersall practicing on the course.


My favorite Herb Lytle photo.


The #15 Pope-Toledo at the starting line.


Lytle crossing the LIRR railroad tracks on Jericho Turnpike in Mineola. The photo was taken by Roslyn native William Pickering. During lap 5, the car broke a cylinder, Lytle made repairs and was running in lap 6 when the race was stopped, finishing 14th.

1906 American Elimination Trial


Lytle and the #2 Pope-Toledo were featured on the cover of the September 20, 1906 issue of Leslie's Weekly


Herb Lytle at the starting line. Although the car finished a respectable fourth, it was disqualified because it was illegally towed during lap 8.

1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes


For the first race held on the Long Island Motor Parkway, Herb Lytle switched teams and drove the Italian #P42 Isotta.


Another classic photo showed Lytle driving on the Motor Parkway just pass the Jerusalem Avenue Bridge in the Hempstead Plains.


Lytle winning the Motor Parkway Sweepstakes.

1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race


Two weeks after his victory, Lytle was on the starting line with the same Isotta.


Passing under a Motor Parkway Bridge during the race.


Herb Lytle finished a close second, less than two minutes behind George Robertson's winning Locomobile.

1911 Indy 500 Race


For the Inaugural Indy 500 Race, Lytle drove the #35 Apperson "Jack Rabbit". While being serviced during a pit stop at the end of 82 laps, Lytle's car was hit by the #8 Case and was taken out of the race. The accident can be seen at the 2:40 minute mark of this film. No one was seriously injured.


Apr 06 2010 mark dill 6:45 PM

I had no idea his son was still alive!

Nov 05 2010 Jon Clifton 5:55 PM

Fantastic photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Nov 22 2010 Howard Kroplick 5:53 PM

Kathryn W:

Hi I am writing to you from England UK.
I have been tracing my family tree and Herb Lytle married my 3x great aunt Gertrude Fanny Harbord. I see that her son is still alive, please could you pass on my e mail to her son and ask if he would contact me.
Kind Regards

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