Apr 24 2010

Starting Lineup: The 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Fifteen cars raced in the 1909 Vanderbilt Cup Race held on October 30, 1909. The #2 American Underslung Roadster did not start due to a broken crankshaft. The race was run on a 12.64 mile course including 5.15 miles of the Long Island Motor Parkway. The winner needed to complete 22 laps of the course for a total of 278.08 miles. Remember to click on the photos to enlarge the image:


#1 FIAT (Italy) driven by Lewis Strang. Finished 15th. Broke radiator during lap 3.


#3 Simplex (USA) driven b Leland Mitchell. Finished 14th. Broke crankshaft during lap 3.


#4 FIAT (Italy) driven by Eddie Hearne. Finished 13th. Broke crankcase during lap 5.


#5 Atlas (USA) driven by Elmer Knox. Finished 5th. Running in lap 15 when race was called.


#6 Apperson "Jack Rabbit" (USA) driven by Hugh Harding. Finished 8th. Broke steering knuckle during lap 11.


#7 Chalmers-Detroit (USA) driven by William Knipper. Finished 3rd. Led most number of laps. Developed oil problems during lap 20.


#8 Alco (USA) by Harry Grant. Finished 1st. Only 6 cylinder car in race. Averaged 62.8 mph.


#9 Chalmers-Detroit (USA) driven by Lee Lorimer. Finished 6th. Led race before breaking down with broken cylinder during lap 13.


#10 National (USA) driven by John Aitken. Finished 12th. Lost wheel during lap 5.


#11 National (USA) driven by Charles Merz. Finished 7th. Broke cylinder during lap 13.


#12 Marmon (USA) driven by Harry Stillman. Finished 9th. Cracked cylinder during lap 7.


#14 FIAT (Italy) driven by Edward Parker. Finished 2nd. With Alco, only car to finish race.


#15 Buick (USA) driven by Louis Chevrolet. Finished 11th. Made fastest lap in race (76.3 mph). Broke cylinder during lap 5.


#16 Mercedes (Germany) driven by Spencer Wishart. Finished 4th. Running in 17th lap when race was called.


#17 Isotta (Italy) driven by Joe Seymour. Finished 10th. Broke axle jar during lap 6.

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