Mar 23 2011

Suffolk County Airmap 1930 Aerial Survey #1: Ronkonkoma

In 1928 Suffolk County commissioned an aerial photography company to create a comprehensive record of their roads, terrain and properties. Two years later, the Airmap company photographed the entire county including our favorite historic road; the Long Island Motor Parkway. Courtesy of the Suffolk County Department of Planning, the first in the series of Suffolk county Airmaps highlights the Ronkonkoma area:




The circular drive of Petit Trianon Inn can easily be seen in the aerial.



In between the yellow highlights was a black line crossing the Motor Parkway. Was it the Ronkonkoma Lodge?



The Long Island Motor Parkway had purchased 891.2 acres in Ronkonkoma to complete the road and build a large race course for future Vanderbilt Cup Races. Following two fatalities and multiple crowd problems with the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race, plans to build the Ronkonkoma Motor Speedway fell through and were replaced by another Long Island housing development.

Future aerials from the Suffolk County Airmap series will reveal previously unseen Motor Parkway lodges and bridges!!

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From Margaret V:

“We always enjoy your newsletter.  We especially liked LMP-Ronkonkoma. And of course, anything to do with H. Austin Clarke is always welcome.  Thank you.”

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