Nov 19 2010

Classic Memories of The Long Island Automotive Museum II The 1963 & 1980 Auctions

The quarterly publication of the Metro Region of the Classic Car Club of America Metropolitan Skyline published three articles in 2010 on Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and the Long Island Automotive Museum. In the third article, editor Grace Gluck described the 1963 and 1980 auctions at the Long Island Automotive Museum documented with photos taken by Norman Arbour:

Grace Gluck: The short article about Henry Austin Clark's museum on Long Island that was in the winter 2010 issue of the Skyline, not only prompted Frank Wemple to remember his experiences with Austie, but it also caused Norm Arbour to scour through boxes in his attic to find these great pictures of the 1963 and 1980 auctions at the Long Island Automotive Museum.

Norm also knew Austie, as he grew up on Long Island as well and went to the museum many times, even helping Austie push cars around both inside and out. Austie, as his friends called him, was born August 27, 1917 and died at the age of 74 on December 15,1991. He made a very positive impact on everyone that knew him.

The following photographs were taken by Norm documenting the days with pictures of the cars being auctioned as well as the cars that were driven or parked in front of the museum. I hope you enjoy this look back in time about a most charismatic man and his museum, a man who was an early collector of the great old cars and became a legend in his own .

The 1963 Auction

At the beginning of the auction, Austin was seated at standing at the back of the 5th Ave. double-decker coach bus. The arrow points to him.

View from Norm's seat watching a 1939 Packard 12 Brunn Touring Cabriolet at one of the doors of the building.

Old 32- This is a 1929 Lincoln Locke D/C Phaeton. This was Austin's personal car that was not for sale. He drove this car on all the caravans such as the Glidden Tour. The car is now in Germany. Howard Kroplick Note: The Old 32 license plate was likely Austin's tribute to the winner of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race Old 16.

This Brewster Ford, owned by a friend of Austin's, was rebodied by Inskip and ended up being owned by Ted Holden.

An early 30s Jaguar in the parking lot and not for sale in the auction.

This 1940 Packard 745 Sport Phaeton belonged to a friend of Austin's.

The 1980 Auction

Henry Austin Clark as auctioneer in his auction in front of the buildings of the museum.

The people gather as Austin works the crowd auctioning off another car.

A Buick 1931 Roadster, Model 90 that was being auctioned off.

Thanks to Grace Gluck, Norman Arbour and the Metro Region of the CCCA for their contributions to

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Nov 21 2010 Walter McCarthy 4:58 PM

Hi Howard, I was at both auctions and what I often found worthwhile and amusing where Austin’s descriptions of the various vehicles in the auction catalogs.  I will look up a few humorous ones and send them to you.

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