Aug 30 2014

Smiles and Thumbs Ups from the 2014 Old Timer’s Day at the Himes Museum

It was another wonderful time last Sunday at the Old Timer's Day at the Himes Museum of Motor Racing Nostalgia in Bay Shore.

Marty Himes and his family were gracious hosts for this annual open house and gathering of people associated with Long Island's racing history.  Smiles and thumbs ups were prominent throughout the day.

HowardKroplick's 2014 Old Timers Day album on Photobucket




Howard Kroplick

Old Timer's Day Highlights


Aug 31 2014 Roger Price 8:56 AM

I know Marty well and have been to his home/museum on many occasions.  I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this time because we were away.
Great photos!

Aug 31 2014 Colleen Albertson 1:02 PM

i am sorry we could not make it, wish we could of been there though it looks like it was a good turn out. We did not even know about it, but we could not have made it even if we did because we had a prior commitment, we had a Birhday party to go to on Sunday August 24, so even if we had heard about this get together I do not think we could have been at the Museum and gotten to the Birthday party on time. We were to the Museum with you and the others a while ago it was interesting.

Aug 31 2014 S. Berliner, III 7:24 PM

Wow!  Who woulda thunk it?  #8’s a magnet!  :ยท)

Sep 01 2014 harold sauter 8:31 AM

I also was not there this year but my son Jody was.  Marty Himes and Howard Kroplick…two of the greatest!!!!!!!  Jody sez he’d love to tune up “The Beast”....he earned the title of “Mr. FIXIT from many tours with the Model Ts over the years….he’s an expert with many things mechanical…not bragging…just repeating what others have said.  Marty’s museum is always interesting and fun and he is too!  Howard….I TRULY appreciate what you have done to preserve the history of the grand Old Motor Parkway and I thank you for your extreme generosity in sharing it with everyone…We need more people like you!!!!  I look forward to meeting you again on one of our ventures.

Sep 01 2014 Thomas Rakoczy 8:56 PM

Great time!!! The whole family was excited and happy to see ole #8 in person and meet Howard… Thanks again what a great guy! The Himes Museum what a gem, just a fun, great day!

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