Sep 03 2012

Smiles and Thumbs Ups from Lime Rock’s Sunday in the Park Concours

A great time was had once again at the fabulous Sunday in the Park Concours held at Lime Rock Park.

Complimentary photos from the concours can be downloaded from this Photobucket website.




Howard Kroplick

The Black Beast was a crowd pleaser. Bob Melhado, Chief Steward for the vintage races, and Oscar Koveleski, Can-Am driver and founder of Auto World.

A sampling of smiles and thumbs ups from the Sunday in the Park Concours


Sep 09 2012 Howard Kroplick 7:35 PM

From Robert R:

“The ALCO is a real crowd pleaser.”

Sep 09 2012 RLR 10:36 PM

Look at all those big smiles! What could be better than being at Lime Rock AND sitting behind the wheel of the Alco!

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